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Cast: Kristine Castano, Matty Castano, James Hollis III, Joshua Guerrero, Joshua Maya, Richard Holt, Mike Smiddy Smith

Director: Matty Castano

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Rating: NR

When Bobby accidentally kills his wife before a get together at their home, he stops at nothing to hide the evidence from the arriving guests.

Bobby panics at first, should he hide the body or call the police? Should he go on with the party and act like nothing is wrong or should he let Kim's friends and voodoo obsessed cousin know the truth? Bobby decides to force Kim's body in a trunk and act as if nothing happened but sooner or later things begin to turn a lot more deadly.

"1 Dead Party" is a horror/comedy that hits all the right notes. There is so much to like about the film but I want to be careful not to spoil what happens in the movie for those wanting to see it. What I can talk about is the film's characters, each and everyone has their own personality and each is a bit more off the wall than the next one. So you not only get humor from the brilliant dialogue but there is also some very funny situational humor as well. I have honestly not laughed this hard in a very long time.

The film a hilarious, cleverly-written comedy with a very nasty streak, the farther you get in the film the more funny and chaotic it becomes. So you have a fantastic, fun script in place with plenty of laughs and just enough carnage the only thing left is to get together a cast that can deliver on these outrageous characters and I am happy to say the cast selected did an amazing job including Kristine Castano, Matty Castano, James Hollis III, Joshua Guerrero, Joshua Maya, Richard Holt, Mike Smiddy Smith. I am not going to sit here and point out any one actor here because everyone played an important part, there were no wasted roles here.

1 Dead Party" once again reminds us how special Independent cinema really is and how much great talent is out there, easily one of this year's best films. I want to say congrats to Director, Matty Castano(who also stars in the film) and his entire cast and crew for create want is soon to be a cult classic. If you like a good horror/comedy you need to check this out right now.

The film is available now on the Roku 99 Cent Channel now, check it out HERE. You can also visit the film's Facebook page HERE.

"1 Dead Party" is a blast from start to finish and make sure you stick around when the film is over because there is a little something extra after the credits. A real gem that needs to be seen.

Released by R Squared Films

***** Out Of *****