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Cast: Erik Audé, Mark Hapka, Meagan Good, Quinton Aaron, Erin O’Brien & former Major League base player Jose Canseco

Director: Jamielyn Lippman

Genre: Documentary

Rating: NR

The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison.

Can you imagine traveling to a foreign country for your job of delivering and bringing back leather goods such as wallets and suitcases? Now imagine getting pulled out of the line at the airport while heading back home and told you are smuggling drugs out of the country. You are beaten, strip searched and tortured endlessly until you confess to the crime even though you are innocent. And then imagine being sentenced to seven years in one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. You want the beatings to stop but you also will not confess to a crime you are innocent of. You have been set up by a man you thought was your friend and there is no one in your corner to help you. This is the story of Erik Aude, Hollywood actor and stunt man that took the traveling job as a means to make some much needed money but instead he was duped by a man he thought was his friend, a man he trusted.

'3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story' chronicles Erik's time spent in the Pakistan prison as his mother fought tirelessly to get him set free every single day, every single hour. I know this sounds like a Hollywood film but it isn't it instead is a true story about a Hollywood Actor and stunt man that had to endure things a normal man would have folded under.

The film tells Erik's story from when he was young, when he didn't have a very good childhood. It moves along and shows how he got the Hollywood bug and began getting in small roles and being a stunt man as well.

But as many know getting bit parts doesn't pay the bills so he began working at a gym and was training a man who claimed he had a business which involved importing and exporting leathers and it pays $800. Desperate Erik takes the job because he also likes the idea of traveling the world for nothing but what he doesn't know is the man has a drug business going and Erik is about to get caught for being a drug mule.

Director, Jamielyn Lippman does not skip a single detail concerning Erik's life and the time spent in the Adiala Central Jail in Rawalpindi, one of the most dangerous prisons in the world, where he was forced to fight and endure emotional and psychical abuse on a daily basis.

'3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story' is a cautionary tale of survival under harsh conditions. This is an anger-inducing, engaging and inspirational film. This is one of the best films of the year and you you need to see you need to see. It is also a film you will never forget.

The film will have its Los Angeles Theatrical Release on September 28th at Laemmle NOHO and then it will be On Demand and Digital HD on October 2, 2018.

Released by Gravitas Ventures/Point of View Pictures

***** Out Of *****

On Demand and Digital HD on October 2, 2018