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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Alan Peterson, Alesandra Durham, Alix Maria Taulbee, Anne Sward , Chris Laird, Christopher Robin Miller, Ian Paul Freeth, Joel Bishop, K. Danor Gerald, Terence Goodman

Director: Thonas Gomez Durham

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

In the distant future, millions have died in brutal wars leaving cities laying in ruins. The ultimate weapons become time machines which can insure victory by manipulating the past. In the not-distant future, FBI agent Sally Biggs is obsessed with investigating unsolved cases involving paranormal activities—especially the bizarre disappearance of her scientist husband. She suspects that the mysteries have something to do with the destabilization of time, since Sally herself has the power to rewind history. But she slowly learns that her power is connected to a cataclysmic war in the future, and that she, her husband, and their unborn child become important targets of soldiers travelling from the future. Hunted by assassins while her own timeline is unraveling, her only hope is to follow her husband's ghost to the awesome truth that ties all the mysteries together.

"95ers: Time Runners" tells the story of Special Agent Sally Biggs who has a special little gift. She can rewind time a few seconds whenever she wants. It's enough to make her a celebrity at the FBI and control almost everything in her life. But deep down, she is afraid of the pain that comes from the things no one can control. When her scientist husband disappears without a trace she begins seeing him but every time she speaks out she vanishes. And then there are those from the future with amazing technologies that know about her and want her dead. Now she must follow her only lead, her husband's ghost into an unknown battlefield in order to make things right before they are all erased for good.

"95ers: Time Runners" is a low budget Sci-Fi Thriller that has a big heart and even bigger ambitions. But we all know that can the perfect recipe for failure with these Indie films that attempt to be something much bigger than their budget allows but this film actually makes it all work despite all that.

Sure the film shows it's budget at times but for the most part this is a great looking piece of cinema. The effects used in the film were fantastic but what really made the film so good was the story. It has it all, suspense, tension, action and even a bit of romance as well. The story sucks you in right from the start and even if it seems a little confusing at first stick with it because you will be rewarded in the end.

And now on to the acting, I am not going to sit here and say that every performance was golden because they were not. But I will say Alesandra Durham was amazing as Sally and for the most part the supporting cast did a very good job as well.

"95ers: Time Runners" is a fast paced, original Sci-Fi that succeeds on almost every level. If you like the genre then I highly recommend checking this out.

The film is available now on DVD, you can order it HERE.

Released by Inception Media

**** Out Of *****