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Cast: Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Andre Royo, C.J. Thomason, Christine Kelly

Director: Peter Engert

Genre: Drama/Horror/Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

The devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse is now reality and nine desperate strangers find themselves clinging to life in a farmhouse cellar, while radioactive fallout descends on the darkened world above. These would-be survivors face the nightmare of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all the hordes of zombie-like refugees who want in. With each dying day, their choice becomes clearer stay and let the makeshift shelter become their tomb or face the unknown terrors of the world outside.

"Aftermath" opens with a man sitting on his bed, he is clearly infected and as he wonders outside you only see a few bodies laying on the ground. The film quickly jumps to one month earlier in Northwest Texas. As world war three begins we meet a young doctor who is trying to find shelter after the bombs have been dropped. He meets a woman and her little boy who was blinded by the blast. Together they attempt to seek shelter as fast as possible to avoid the radiation that is coming. When time begins to run out they stop at a farmhouse that is already occupied by a half of a dozen other people trying to stay safe from the fallout. Together they attempt to ride out the after affects and stay clear from those above that have already been severely infected.

"Aftermath" is not your typical infection/zombie type film. I was expecting to see another in a long line of zombie films but to my surprise this was a lot different. The film is more a survival drama about a group of people and the physical and mental effects a nuclear attack has on them all.

So for about the first 50 minutes it is a drama. We get to know the characters and get some background on them as well. I do think there could of been a little better development on the characters but there is enough to allow you to care for each of them in one way or another.

After the first 50 minutes some action kicks in when some of the infected find the farmhouse and try to break in to the cellar. This continues on and off till the bleak and sober end.

The settings are simple but they get the job done and there was enough drama tension and suspense to keep everyone interested. Acting wise I thought everyone did a good job including Edward Furlong, C.J. Thomason and Monica Keena to name only a few.

"Aftermath" is not a great film and it might be a bit too slow for some people but I find it to be an entertaining, intelligent and thought-provoking survival tale. Available on DVD and Blu-ray. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment/RLJ Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****