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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Michael Tisdale, Joanne Tucker, Jolly Abraham, Dylan McCullough, Garrett Neergaard, Carol Monda, Nicholas Webber, Tom Butler, Danyon Davis, Robert Pearre, Casey Spindler, Jef Taylor

Director: Jef Taylor

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

"After You Left" embraces the fine line between art and life--between the story being told and the lives of those telling it. The result is a uniquely realistic and intimate portrait of love and loss, as well as a profoundly personal reflection of the moment in which it was made.

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"After You Left" follows Mat who is devastated after his girlfriend Sara has called off their relationship, we watch Mat as he meets with various friends in an attempt to come to grips with his loss and move on with his life.

Lost love is something we all must face at some point in our life and it's a theme that has been used in many films before but it has never been told in such a realistic and moving way until now.

Director, Jef Taylor is an award winner for his previous work and there's no doubt that will just continue with "After You Left." The film jumps from the past to present seamlessly, it's as if Mat is replaying Sara and his meeting in his head and we as the audience are placed right there beside him. The story of lost love is so effective you just wish you could reach out and give this man a hug and tell him it's going to be okay, yes it's that powerful. Let me also say the movie is not a total downer, there are some very funny moments as well in the movie but I am not going to go into them here because everyone needs to see the film to truly experience it.

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Everything technical about this 20 minute short is first class, from the amazing camera work with it's close-up shoots to it's wider shoots is simply brilliant. The soundtrack and lighting as well are perfect and they really help in setting the right mood. Now a film like this needs a cast that bring performances worthy of the story and everyone in the film does just that. Michael Tisdale brings all the emotion needed to play Mat, it is his film and he delivers a realistic and believable performance. Joanne Tucker is also terrific as Sara and the rest of the supporting cast are exceptional as well.

Film's like "After You Left" don't come around to often, the kind that touches it's audience in a way very few do. I was touched by this heart felted drama and I was left wanting to know more, I was also left thinking about Mat long after it was over. So I can finish out this review by saying, "After You Left" is a must-see film from a film-maker that continues to make his mark. I highly suggest visiting the film's web site located HERE to follow it's progress and if it's playing in your area I highly suggest running out to see it.

Released by Leak Tent Films

***** Out Of *****

"After You Left" [bedroom teaser] from Jef Taylor on Vimeo.