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Cast: Landy Cannon, Michal Ironside, Brigitte Kingsley, Julia Schneider

Director: Andrew Cymek

Genre: Action

Year: 2014

Rating: R

When the "Rising Dark Agency," a black ops division of the Government headed by Colonel Haggerd (Michael Ironside), suspects that a sudden surge of supernatural activity and violent attacks on Earth are the work of an evil Demon-God capable of destroying worlds, it must call upon the services of super soldier Summer Vale to solve the mystery and prevent the coming apocalypse. But no one is prepared for who and what they find behind these attacks. When the Dark Rises... Bring out the big guns!

"Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising" tells the story of the Rising Dark Agency. A government program that tracks and investigates supernatural activity. When their star agent, Summer Vale is getting married a giant sand worm comes from no where to wreak havoc that kills her fiance. Summer is devastated but when the agency finds out that it was caused by a new demon god Summer must pull it together and join the team in order to save the world.

That is about all you need to know before seeing this new Action/Sci-Fi/Horror from Director, Andrew Cymek. This film is a sequel to the 2006 flick, "Dark Rising: Bring Your Battle Axe” but you do not need to see the first film to enjoy this one. The film does a good job of catching everyone up by use of some flashbacks.

"Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising" does not take itself serious at all, along with plenty of action there is also lots of very funny dialogue in the film as well. And besides that the film also has some very cool effects, a few off the wall characters and some very hot chicks to entertain the guys.

I was impressed with the film's production values considering it was done of a low budget, some of the effects are cheesy but that is just part of the film's over-all charm. Acting wise the entire cast did a great job in the film including, Landy Cannon, Brigitte Kingsley and the fantastic, Michal Ironside.

I enjoyed this film more than I expected to, it is a fun ride that has a great pace to it, lots of action and loads of laughs. Also, stick around after the credits begin to roll for a little bonus scene as well. I hope they do a follow up film because there is a lot more story to be told and a lot more fun to be had.

"Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising" is available now on DVD, you can order it HERE.

Check the trailer out below and then check out this fun little Indie film, you will not be disappointed.

Released by Level 33 Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****