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Genre: Horror/Drama

Year: 2021

Rating: NR

A nun’s disturbing behavior sparks rumors of demonic possession at a remote convent. When a priest-in-waiting and his disillusioned mentor are sent to investigate, their methods backfire, leaving a wake of terror and trauma.

'Agnes' starts off like any other horror film about a possible possession but around halfway through the film it turns into a character driven story. Agnes is a Nun at a convent who starts to reveal symptoms of a possible possession, the Vatican decides to send an aging and disgraced Priest to go and see what needs to be done. He takes with him, a young man who is waiting to take his final vows. After arriving and doing an exorcism on Agnes it looks like the Nun is back to normal but it all backfires on them. Agnes' problems really bother a fellow Nun named Mary who has been struggling with her own faith. What happens to Agnes triggers’ Mary to drop out of the convent. This is where the second half of the film kicks in. From here on out there is no more horror but instead a study of Mary and how she copes both with the outside world and with a tragedy that happened years ago that has left for feeling empty and questioning her faith ever since.

'Agnes' is going to be a film you think about during and after it is over. If you are looking for a pure horror film look elsewhere but if you are interested in something original and different then I recommend checking it out. Actress Molly C. Quinn is the star of the film as Mary and this is also the first film under her new production company. If Agnes is any hint of what is to come then I look forward to seeing what they produce next. The film also stars Jake Horowitz and Sean Gunn to name a few. Everyone in the film did a fantastic job playing their roles.

The film is sure to spark some heated conversations about the film's themes but that is what makes a good movie. 'Agnes' screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. I highly recommend catching it when it gets a proper release.

Released by ALEXA MINI

*** 1/2 Out Of *****