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Cast: Heather Tocquigny, Jake White, Mackenzie Firgens

Director: Martin Rosenberg

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

When Liz (Mackenzie Firgens) returns home on a college break, her best friend Ashley (Heather Tocquigny) coaxes her out for a rendezvous with ex-boyfriend Danny (Jake White) at PRESTON CASTLE, an abandoned boys correctional institute with a gruesome past. What begins as a dare for the three teens seeking weekend excitement, turns into a grisly nightmare as they try to escape an evil presence still lurking on the terrifying grounds. As they probe the decaying depths and shadows of PRESTON CASTLE, they find themselves in deeper and deeper trouble with no way out from the maze of rooms and locked doors. Trapped inside, they’re caught in a horrifying life and death struggle with the unstoppable evil. Will they all survive the night? Based on real events.

"A Haunting at Preston Castle" is a horror film that claims to be "Inspired by True Events." I am not sure how accurate the story is but I have a feeling that the film makers took the name and decided to create their own little horror film. I honestly was not expecting this film to be true because the story is just way over the top so I was fine with it.

As far as the story goes it is pretty simple. The story focuses on Liz who had a bad break-up while at college, returning home depressed and sad her best friend Ashley talks her in to going out and meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, Danny. But when the three decide to sneak into the abandoned Preston Castle their lives are soon put in jeopardy. To add anymore about the plot would only ruin the film for those waiting to see it so instead I will talk about some of the things I liked and disliked about the film instead.

The film starts off a bit slow as it introduces everyone to the three main characters. Their back stories are not very strong but it does not hurt the story much. There is a lot of drama going on and a few laughs as well but once the three friends are inside Preston things pick up in a hurry which makes the story a bit more interesting. The film could of used a bit more scares and the effects were a bit weak but that was expected because of the film's low budget.

The slow pace early does lead to some excitement when the vengeful ghosts begin haunting the friends. The film adds a bit of atmosphere and suspense in the second half as well as a few good scares but it never becomes truly terrifying at any point. Besides the few good things I already mentioned I also want to point out that the three cast members, Heather Tocquigny, Jake White and Mackenzie Firgens were all very good in the film as well.

On the not so good side I would have to say that it could of used some better effects and the story does not offer anything new or original but I did like certain parts of the movie and I was never bored by it even during the slow parts. "A Haunting at Preston Castle" is an average ghost story so do not go into it expecting great things and you should find it to be a decent way to waste some time.

Available on DVD with no Special Features besides the Trailer. You can order it HERE.

Released by Inception Media Group

** 1/2 Out Of *****