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Cast: Jesse Rennicke, Squall Charlson, Alex Galick

Director: Wayne Harry Johnson Jr.

Genre: Comedy/Horror

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

The Prairie Kings hockey team is about to battle for the championship and their lives - all in the same night!

After the boys with the cup, their riotous celebration is interrupted when the Earth is suddenly overrun by a zombie Ahockalypse! Now, these lovable goons have to battle their way back to their home arena for a final showdown with the undead. Can hockey legend Barry Melrose help the guys escape with their lives - or is it sudden death for the Prairie Kings?!

"Slapshot meets Night of the Living Dead" in Writer/Director, Wayne Harry Johnson Jr.'s 'Ahockalypse' about a hockey team who must battle a new enemy after winning the championship...zombies. This is the first hockey/zombie movie ever and even though it is done on a very low budget it is still an entertaining comedy/horror with emphasize on the comedy side of things.

The story is pretty simple so I am not going to add anything more to the synopsis above but I will say that if you like a raunchy comedy with some naked women and zombies then this is the film for you. The film is certainly not without its problems, the cast gives it their all but there really isn't a lot to work with script wise but there is plenty of sex jokes and some politically incorrect humor to keep you entertained. The cast looked like they had a blast making the film and it translates back to the audience.

Horror wise the best part is at the end when the guys and girls have to face off against the zombies at the rink. There are a number of decapitations and lots of CGI blood spattering as well. I had fun with this and you will too as long as you go into it not expecting a whole lot and knowing that it is strictly after the laughs.

'Ahockalypse' simply put is brainless(no pun intended) fun that doesn't take itself serious, it has hot ladies, zombies and hockey. What more could anyone ask for? If you like comedy and horror then you are going to get a kick out of this film. Be sure to check it out when it hits VOD/DVD nationwide on August 17th.

Released Sparrowhawk Pictures