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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Catherine Callahan, Katie Maguire, Marie Maser

Director: Damien Leone

Genre: Horror

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Beautiful, unsuspecting Sarah is looking forward to a quiet Halloween night at home with the two young teens she’s babysitting. Then, she discovers an unmarked old VHS videotape in one of the kid’s bags of candy. On the tape: a series of wildly outlandish tales of murder, torture and unearthly mayhem, all somehow linked to a diabolical clown-from-hell. As each tale ratchets up the terror, bizarre phenomena begin to occur in the house, as Sarah discovers that the grimacing, white-faced clown on the video may be saving his most horrific All Hallows’ Eve treat… just for her.

"All Hallow's Eve" tells the story of Sarah who is spending her Halloween night babysitting Tia and Timmy for a friend. The Teens are already done with their trick or treating as the film opens and Sarah is trying to get them ready for bed but when Timmy decides to look through his bag of candy he finds a VHS tape. Sarah is considered about what might be on the tape but the two teens are determined to find out. After some fuss Sarah agrees to put the tape in but she makes the Teens leave the room till she finds out what is on the tape. Once the tape gets started there seems to be a horror film of some sort on the tape with a creepy clown so the kids sit down to watch it. After the first part is over Sarah finally gets the Teens to go to bed but she puts the tape back in for herself which could of been a big mistake because the more she watches it the more strange things begin to happen, is it all in her head or is the tape real and is the clown coming after her and the children?

I was kind of excited to see this film even before I received it for review. The trailer really peaked my interest and who doesn't like a horror film with a creepy clown in it right? Like always I refused to read much about the film before sitting down to watch it so I did not realize it was an anthology film. The tape Timmy receives in his bag of goodies contains three stories on it. Even though I did not expect this kind of horror film I still enjoyed it and thought that each story got better as they went along.

There is a lot to like here, I enjoyed the multiple stories and I thought the acting was very good as well, there were some nice effects and the clown is one of the creepiest I have seen on film. "All Hallow's Eve" is a creative and entertaining film that provides lots of suspense and scares along the way. This is the perfect film for your Halloween horror fest and it is available now on DVD and Digital Video. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Damien Leone and Actor Mike Giannelli

You can order the DVD HERE. Like I already stated this is not what I expected but it turned out to be a clever, well-written and scary horror film that really gets under your skin so be sure to check it out.

Released by Image Entertainment/RLJ Entertainment

**** Out Of *****