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Cast: Jamie Law, Nate Miller, Laura Ramadei, Patrick Woodall

Director: Jonathan Blitstein

Genre: Thriller/Sci-fi

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

What begins a casual snowshoeing expedition, turns into an unspeakable disaster for a group of unprepared hikers. Deep into the snowy Catskills the group suddenly discovers they have no map coupled with the mysterious disappearance of their hiking poles. The cold nights reverberate with eery feelings among the campers and the apparent sound of frightening footsteps outside their tents. In total fear and desperation to bring the harrowing jaunt to an end, the hikers also discover that their GPS device indicates they’re in New Mexico and not the Catskill Mountains! Frantic and fear turns a 27-mile hike into a nightmare of ANOTHER KIND.

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"Another Kind" follows two couples as they head out on a snowshoeing hike in the Catskill Mountains. The couples are Patrick and Jamie and Nate and Laura but after arriving at their destination Patrick and Jamie get into an argument and Jamie leaves taking the car with her to a hotel telling them she will be back to pick them up at the end of the weekend. The other three decide to stay to test out the new gear but things get to be a bit strange when they begin hearing footsteps and see strange lights at night outside their tents. Concerned over what it might be and after finding Patrick hurt they decide it's time to head back but they may not make it out alive.

There's a lot more going on in the film but if I were to talk about it all I would only ruin it for those waiting to see the film for themselves. As the film opened I wasn't quite sure about the acting but it got better and all four leads gave terrific and realistic performances. The location is of course perfect for the story, creating just the right amount of fear and isolation.

Now on to the story, like any movie it could of been better. The story is a slow burn with a lot of talk and not much in the way of action but that is the way the film was intended to be. It does build on tension and suspense as it moves along but it never reaches the edge of your seat level. After a while you begin to wonder how it might end, a big pay-off would certainly make the slow moments worth the time spent. I was anxious to find out how they were going to finish the story off, it was the make or break moment and I can tell you the ending not only contains a nice twist but it was the perfect way to end the film as well.

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The film could of had a bit more suspense and perhaps a little more action in it but over-all it was quite enjoyable. Writer/Director, Jonathan Blitstein did a great job not only with the story but with his cast and the elements at hand as well. This is only his second feature film so I was pretty impressed over-all.

"Another Kind" doesn't break a lot of new ground as far as the genre goes but it's an enjoyable film that does bring some originality to the table. If you like a good Sci-fi I recommend checking this one out, it has more going for it than not and in the end I found it to be a satisfying thriller.

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Released by Osiris Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****