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Actors: John Cairns and Michael McCartney

Director: Michael Lennox

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2017

Rating: NR

A security guard catches a famous writer/TV host shoplifting and blackmails him into becoming friends.

"A Patch of Fog" tells the story of two very different men who become friends under very disturbing circumstances. Robert is a security guard at a local shop and Sandy is a famous writer and television host. Sandy doesn't want for anything, he already owns a beautiful home and a fancy car and he even dates the beautiful host of a show he is on weekly. But he hides a secret, he is obsessed with stealing even the smallest things. One day while doing so he is caught by Robert on the security cam and after leaving the store Robert immediately grabs him outside the store and takes him to the back. After some talking and begging from Sandy to let him go Robert agrees but only if Sandy becomes his friend. Sandy agrees but as time passes he begins to see that Robert is a bit unstable.

This is a slice of Irish Cinema and takes a simple premise and turns it into a tension, suspenseful little thriller that succeeds because of its well-written and cleaver story and by the film's two main leads. There is nothing fancy about the film, and there are no large action scenes or explosions. The film instead entertains with an unsettling and creepy story that keeps you engaged and wanting more the entire time. Both men a bit strange but Robert takes friendship to a whole new level and now in a good way. The mood is dark and the film is tense, it also tosses in several twists along the way and it finishes off with a perfect, non-Hollywood ending that everyone is going to love.

And last but not least the film is made even better by the film's two main leads, Stephen Graham is amazing as the unstable Robert and Conleth Hill is also impressive as Sandy. They have amazing chemistry together and their brilliant performances send the film soaring. Lara Pulver also gives an excellent performance as Lucy.

I didn't really know what to expect from "A Patch of Fog" but I am glad I got to visit it and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves a good thriller. The film will be available on VOD AND iTUNES, January 24, 2017.

Released by XLrator Media

**** Out Of *****