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Cast: MICHAEL WEAVER (Ouija: Origin of Evil, Disney+ Originals Diary of a Future President), TIM GRIFFIN (Central Intelligence, The Gift, American Sniper, HBO’s True Detective), JUSTIN HUEN (Justified, Dexter, Angel of Death), RUNE TEMTE (Captain Marvel, Eddie the Eagle, A Boy Called Christmas), THEA SOFIE LOCH NÆSS (The Last King, Netflix series The Last Kingdom), INGRID LIAVAAG (The Night Eats The World).

Director: Darren Mann

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Fantasy/Thriller

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

When almost everyone vanishes from a tourist ship in the Arctic, fear becomes the master for the three who remain. Forced ashore and alone in the elements, the men deteriorate in body and mind with the clock now ticking on their survival. In the end, a dark truth emerges that forces them to ally or perish.

ARCTIC VOID is the story of childhood friends, Ray Marsh and Alan Meursault, in the far north to make an episode of their modestly popular travel and nature show, Vagabond. Since their regular cameraman fails to get a visa, they’re joined by local hire and expat, Sean Tibbets. What starts as a once-in-a-lifetime day cruise quickly descends into madness as all but the three of them vanish from the boat.

'Arctic Void' is a Sci-Fi Thriller that grabs your attention right from the start and it takes us a mysterious journey as the three men do their best to find a way out of the mess they are in. The film does a great job at not only creating the mysterious but it also does a great job of keeping the audience guessing until it reveals its secrets at about an hour into the movie.

'Arctic Void' was directed by Emmy Nominated, Award-Winning Filmmaker DARREN MANN (This Cold Life)and the story was written by MICHAEL WEAVER (Disney+ Original Diary of a Future President, Ouija: Origin of Evil)together they have created one of the best films of the new year. There is plenty of drama and fantasy to keep you engaged the entire time.

Another thing that made the film this good was the cast. Everyone in the film was amazing but the film's three leads, Michael Weaver, Tim Griffin, and Justin Huen are the stars and each one of them gives solid performances and they all show some impressive chemistry together.

Arctic Void does a great job showcasing what Independent Cinema is all about, Amazing acting, writing, and direction. 'Arctic Void' opens in Theaters and on VOD on 1/14/22 courtesy of Level 33 Entertainment. I highly recommend checking this gem out.

Released by Level 33 Entertainment

**** Out Of *****