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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mark Boone Jr., Irene Bedard, Kieran Mulroney, Chip Adams, Allison Stander-Marley, Jamie Johnsen-Brigham, Virginia Hawkins, Lee McLaughlin, Ross Collins, Nicole Arlyn, Tim Pingel, Jason Tatum, Ken Love, Randy Murzynski, Christina Surrano, Mary Lou Duckworth, Carol Anne Perrine, Bobby Joe McFadden, Cindy Mohler, Stasi Keramidis

Director: Susan K. Brigham

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Touring blues musician Johnny gets an emergency call from his estranged family - a family he hasn't seen in a decade. This mysterious call sends Johnny back to Arizona where he left three generations of women ready to string him up. Upon arriving he finds his family teetering on the edge of collapse, his old flame waiting for him and the family business in shambles. Now he finds himself faced with an impossible choice - Transform into the man his family needs or hit the road for his big break and never look back.

"Arizona Flats" tells the story of Johnny, an amazing blues musician who is down on his luck. He just lost a gig he hoped to land and to make matters worse he walks in on his girlfriend having sex with another man and she throws him out. Right when he things could not get any worse he receives a call that sends him hope to Arizona, a place that he left in search of fame when his family needed him the most. After arriving home he finds out his mom is very sick and the family business is on the verge of closing. His sister cannot forgive him for leaving and it is up to him to finally step up and be the man they know he can be in tough times.

I was not expecting much from this one but I was instantly drawn into Johnny's life. It is not hard to feel for these characters and the situation they are in. Johnny's sister is hard on him but for good reason and you sit back and hope he does the right thing this time around.

This is a family drama at the core but it also has some funny moments in it as well which helps to lighten the mood at times. You will have your heart strings pulled at times and be laughing out loud at other times. The story is an unpredictable drama that is made better by the realistic and believable acting the film. The entire cast does an amazing job playing their characters including Mark Boone Jr. and Irene Bedard. Those two really stand out but everyone in the film was great.

This is a film that will move you, everything about the film is great including the cinematography, music, writing and the direction, it is all flawless.

There is one scene in the film that sums it all up for me. The scene has their mom in the hospital and she is talking to Johnny and his sister and the mom says "Remember You are Family," that to me is what the film is all about, Family. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes a good drama. It is a film that allows you to feel just about every emotion there is. I look forward to seeing what this amazing filmmaker does next.

"Arizona Flats" is a gem of a film that should not be missed, you can order it HERE.

Released by Indican Pictures

***** Out Of *****