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Cast: Richard Dreyfuss (The Goodbye Girl, Jaws), Lyriq Bent (“She’s Gotta Have It”, Acrimony), Krista Bridges (Land of the Dead, “Schitt’s Creek”), Graham Greene (The Green Mile, Dancing with Wolves), Richie Lawrence ("Odd Squad", "Heroes: Reborn") and Colm Feore (Chicago, Thor)

Director: Shelagh McLeod

Genre: Drama/Family

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

Angus, a lonely widower, has his long-extinguished dream to become an astronaut reignited when a national competition is announced. The prize? One ticket for a trip to space! Way over the age-limit, Angus alters his birthdate so he can enter the competition. Against all odds, but with help coming from his dysfunctional family, he must battle against preconceptions, ill health and time, to win the ticket and take the trip of his dreams.

'Astronaut' tells the story of Angus who dreamed of being an astronaut since he was a child. Now at the age of 75 years old he gets another chance when a contest announces that one person will win the chance to go to space on the first commercial space flight. The problem is Angus does not meet the age requirements and his health is also failing him. But that doesn't stop him so he lies on the application in hopes of winning but ultimately his health and age catches up to him and he loses out.

Then his civil engineering past leads him to believe that the runway is not safe and if they go ahead with the launch something bad could happen. He goes and pays an unexpected visit to the man that created the ship and tells him about the problem hoping that they will delay the flight until they fix the problem before disaster strikes.

'Astronaut' is a drama about a man who is still chasing his dream regardless of his age. His family including his daughter and son-in-law think he is crazy but his grandson, Barney believes in him and encourages him in his bid to go to space. This is a heartwarming tale that the entire family can enjoy together. They don't make many films like this one any more and it is a delight to watch. You have to be able to suspend belief a little here but that is just part of the fun. A great way to escape the daily grind and smile a little. And in addition you might shed a few tears as well.

The film was written and directed by, Shelagh McLeod. She has 53 acting credits to her name but this is her first feature film as a writer and director but you would never know because the story and the direction are flawless. It is great to see more and more female directors and I look forward to seeing what Shelagh does next.

Another thing that made the film so good was the cast. Everyone in the film was terrific including, Lyriq Bent (“She’s Gotta Have It”, Acrimony), Krista Bridges (Land of the Dead, “Schitt’s Creek”), Graham Greene (The Green Mile, Dancing with Wolves), Richie Lawrence ("Odd Squad", "Heroes: Reborn") and Colm Feore (Chicago, Thor)but the star here was Richard Dreyfuss (The Goodbye Girl, Jaws) would shines as Angus. The one thing about him is that he could play any role in any genre and excel at it and he gives an amazing performance here showing he still has it after all these years.

The 'Astronaut' is a refreshing, touching family film that reaches out and pulls on your heart strings. Among all the horror and superhero films released nowadays it is nice to see a film with wholesome values.

It teaches us that family matters no matter what and that you are never too old to follow your dreams, lessons we can all learn from. The film will be in theaters and On Demand and Digital on July 26, 2019 so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Released by Quiver Distribution

**** Out Of *****