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Cast: Calum Booth, Steve Worsley, Liam Matheson, Claire McCulloch, Richard Currie

Director: David Ryan Keith

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Rating: NR

After years in exile, Jackson McGregor has returned to his grandparent's home in Lobster Cove, a small Scottish village where the daily routine consists of eating, sleeping, fishing -and drinking tea. However, the locals way of life is under threat from a large corporate retail machine headed up by a monster named Bennett Campbell who wants to buy land for a new development. After discovering a mysterious crate of herbal tea washed up on shore, Jackson, along with his friend Russell hatch a plan to sell the tea and save the village. Unfortunately the new lease on life the tea seems to give the townspeople soon turns into a nightmare, and Jackson finds himself in a village of flesh-eating zombies!

As the film opens we are in Nazi Germany, where a Scientist is seen doing human experiments on people using hot water and some sort of herb. When things go horribly wrong the experiment is halted and the remaining herb is tossed into the ocean.

The film quickly switches scenes to a sleepy lobster community where we meet Jackson McGregor who is returning home to his little town but he doesn't seem thrilled about it and neither does the townsfolk who blame him losing their only livelihood through careless negotiations.

Then things go from bad to worse for McGregor and the rest of the townsfolk when that crate of herb that was tossed into the ocean after that Nazi experiment went bad just happens to show up on their cove. Mistaking it for some sort of tea Jackson and his friend Russell decide to sell the "tea" to those in town, before long their business is booming because the herb is very addictive, but what they don't know is that it turns those that consume it into raging zombies.

I would recommend this film to anyone that liked "Shaun of the Dead." This is a low budget horror/comedy that has the same type of outrageous humor and over the top characters and situations except I thought this was a bit more cartoony than Shaun.

The film isn't without it's flaws, the acting is a bit weak in spots and the action scenes could of been done up a bit better but taking into consideration that this is the debut feature film from Director, David Ryan Keith and the fact the it was done on a meager budget I thought this was a pretty good effort and a pretty entertaining film as well. "Attacks of the Herbals" is all about the laughs, there no chance of taking this serious because the film doesn't take itself serious. The film opens with a good bit of humor and as it progresses so does the humor, even after the killings start the humor just gets more outrageous. I can't say this is going to be for everyone but if you like the kind of silliness I described then I recommend checking this out, it's a fun, often hilarious little horror/comedy. I look forward to seenig what this filmmaker does next.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** 1/2 Out Of *****