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Cast: Bill Wise, Melinda Y. Cohen, Duane 'Dog' Chapman Michael S. Wilson

Director: Alan Deutsch

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Welcome to Ladybird High, nestled comfortably amongst the soul-searchers, aging hippies, and nouveau weirdos of famously freewheeling Austin, Texas. At Ladybird, it's always 4:20, even for Principal Samuel Wilson. But when the community is rocked by a citywide crackdown on marijuana use, local leaders are determined to make an example of Samuel, his staff and students. When asked to support their iron-fisted efforts, Samuel is beset with the task of cleaning up his beloved school without compromising his life philosophy. Austin High is a coming of age comedy for the young at heart, featuring an ensemble cast right from the source. Knowing there's more than just fun at stake, Samuel's daughter and crew of oddball friends try to keep him honest along the way. In the city officials' 'war on weird,' Samuel and the rest of the blazed faculty, students and staff of Ladybird High School will have to conform or pay the price. The fight is under way, and everyone must find the courage to stand up and defend the city they love, before it's stripped of its unique essence and mutated into the latest American strip mall: a drab monument to consumerism.

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"Austin High" tells the story of Samuel Wilson the Principle at Ladybird High School and the rest of his staff members. You see Samuel and his staff all went to Ladybird High themselves and they all got another thing in common as well. They got stoned together before, during and after school and that is a tradition that has never stopped until now.

But things are about to change, there is a new Vice Principle in town and she is hell bent on cleaning up Ladybird High and there is a mysterious man in town as well who goes by the name of the man in boots. He wants to clean the town up and turn it into a tourist attraction. Poor Samuel is stuck in the middle of it all because his 13 year-old daughter wants to attend a more elite school next year but Samuel cannot afford it so he takes a bribe to help clean up the school for his daughter's education.Samuel will now have to deal with his on conscience and his friends who feel betrayed by their old stoner buddy.

"Austin High" is a comedy that takes you back to your own High School days, maybe a bit extreme but it still reminds of the days you were getting high and the sexual tension that comes with being a male in High School. The film is filled with all kinds of over-the-top characters and crazy situation comedy. Heck even the man in boots is off his rocker, the guy wears two hats and two pairs of glasses. The film has an outrageous cameo from "The Dog" Chapman himself.

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Austin High" is a well-written comedy with fantastic performance from its cast including, Melinda Cohen, Brently Heilbron, Adriene Mishler, Bill Wise, and Mike Wilson and well as the rest of supporting cast. This is a stoner comedy that would make Cheech and Chong proud, I enjoyed every second of it and did not want it to end. Believe or not "Austin High" is now available for the first time on DVD with Special Features that include:

Behind The Scenes Videos

Classic Beef and Sage Shorts

Theatrical Trailers and More

You can order the DVD HERE.

This is one comedy you will be telling all your friends and family about, it is also one that will get repeat visits in every home. If you like a good stoner comedy look no farther than "Austin High."

Released by BrinkVision

***** Out Of *****