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Cast: Scott Adkins (Boyka: Undisputed, Doctor Strange), Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger, Vikingdom), Nick Moran (Terminal, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I & Part II), Thomas Turgoose (Terminal, Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Kierston Wareing (Fish Tank, The Double), and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Rambo V: Last Blood)

Director: Jesse V. Johnson

Genre: Crime/Action/Thriller

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

While released on furlough from prison, a lowly criminal evades his guards and returns to his old haunts to take revenge on the people that made him a cold-hearted killer. Itís an epic, bloody battle to search for the soul he lost years ago on the streets of an unforgiving city.

'Avengement' tells the story of Cain Burgess who is struggling to get by so he asks his hoodlum brother Lincoln for a loan but instead of just giving him the money his brother tells Cain that he has to do a small job for him that seems simple enough. Steal a bag off a woman and bring it back. It seems easy enough but when the woman gets hit by a car and dies after chasing Cain for the bag he gets the book thrown at him and lands in one of the meanest prisons in the world known as the "meat grinder."

Don't let me get ahead of myself here, as the film opens Cain is being escorted by police to a local hospital to visit his dying mother but she passes away before he gets there. While leaving the hospital he decides to make an escape and heads to a local bar where his brother and his gang of tough guys hang out in order to finally get revenge for him not only going to prison but for him constantly being targeted because his brother has put a bounty on his head. After he arrives at the bar he takes his brother's goons hostage and waits for Lincoln to arrive for a final show.

'Avengement' is an action packed crime film that rises above most like it because it has a solid story to back the action and it does a great job telling its story through flashbacks which not only fills in the story line but it also develops the characters, Cain in particular. Cain goes to prison because of his brother's actions and because he refuses to cooperate with the police to bring his brother down but after being a target every day in prison Cain learns to become a merciless killer who is now only minutes away from exacting that revenge on those responsible.

Director, Jesse V. Johnson and actor, Scott Adkins have made several films together as of late. Sadly this is the only one I have been able to review but I can really see how far both have come. Somehow Hollywood must have missed the memo on Scott Adkins because he is the real deal. Not only is he a terrific action star but he also has an impressive set of acting skills that are on full display here. Of course he is not alone because the film also boosts an impressive supporting cast including the always great, Craig Fairbrass who plays Cain's evil brother, Lincoln. And lets not forget Nick Moran who plays Hyde, Lincolnís right-hand man. The film has a terrific cast, one of the more impressive ones I have seen.

I have had the pleasure of following Jesse V. Johnson's career from stunt man to film director and this is by far the best film of his I have seen. 'Avengement' has it all, bad ass villains and an anti-hero you can't help but root for because of the hand he has been dealt. The film is full of brutal action that will have even the most fans of action delighted. It also has a great little story that never lacks in detail and a satisfying ending that might just leave a smile on your face. If you like a good crime film with loads of action then do yourself a favor and go see "Avengement" when it opens in Theaters, On Demand and Digital May 24, 2019. You will be glad you did.

Released by Samuel Goldwyn Films

**** 1/2 Out Of *****