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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Corey Sevier, Jordan Ladd, Ryan Alosio, Renee Dorian, Kim Poirier

Director: Daric Loo

Genre: Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Everyone has dreams, some are more disturbing than others.

Alex (Corey Sevier – Immortal, TV's Psych) is deeply searching for his undiscovered love after meeting Rachel (Jordan Ladd – Death Proof, Hostel Part II, Inland Empire) and finding out she just passed away in a car accident. But their love is a powerful link through death and within Alex's dreams, they will be able to defy their condition and, against all odds, their unsual relationship will live on.

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Alex doesn't live life to the fullest, he owns a coffee shop with his brother who has convinced Alex to sell it and stays in most other times even when asked out for celebrations like New Years but his dreary life is reignited when he meets Rachel, the woman of his dreams. One day when opening the shop he meets Rachel waiting outside for the shop to open. Rachel says her goodbyes but you know that she will be back, that is until tragedy strikes and she is killed in an accident moments later. Alex begins grieving over what could of been and decides to take a look at the store's surveillance video when he discovers that Rachel knew his name even though he had never told her it during their brief discussion. Alex decides to find out more about Rachel after he begins having dreams of the two of them together. Through internet searches and discussions with those that might of known her he comes to the conclusion that his dreams are not just dreams. It seems Rachel was having dreams of Alex in the past, her dream man which is why she appeared that day at his shop. Now Alex has the change to be with Rachel as both meet in his and her dreams and carry on a beautiful, romantic love affair.

It's not often that a movie comes along that pulls on the heart strings like "Awaken" does. To be honest I have already written too much about the plot because no matter how much I tell you about the film here it will never prepare for this heart-breaking and wonderful love story. It's a film about a love, a bound so strong that it reaches even beyond death. You can say it's a bit like the film "Ghost" but believe when I tell it is much more than that. This is the most clever, intelligent and original romantic film I have seen in a very long time.

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This is Writer/Director, Daric Loo's first feature film. He has done a few short films before this but I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this amazing filmmaker in the future. When you have such a great story like this to tell you want to get a cast to play these characters that can really bring them to life and I don't think they could of chosen a better pair of leads. Corey Sevier is wonderful as Alex, he has the right charm and brings all the emotions needed to his character and Jordan Ladd lights up the screen in every scene she is in, she is not only a beautiful woman but she is also a very talented actress. The two make a terrific couple and their chemistry is flawless. The supporting cast also did an amazing job including Renee Dorian who plays Elaine, the sole employee at the shop and Alex's dear friend.

I can sit here and write about this film all night but this is a must-see film for everyone, even if you don't normally watch a romance you owe it to yourself and everyone involved in the film to check this movie out. "Awaken" tells the story of Alex’s incredible journey as it weaves between dreams and reality in search of his one true love. It will melt your heart and and leave you believing in cinema again. From the opening scene to the film's perfect ending this is love story that will leave you thinking about it long after it's over.

Like I stated before the DVD will be released on 12/4 and it comes with Special Features that include:


Deleted Scenes


Photo Gallery

You can order it HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

***** Out Of *****