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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Bo-yeong Park, Joong-ki Song

Director: Sung-Hee Jo

Genre: Romance/Sci-fi/Fantasy

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

An unexpected phone call summons an elderly woman, who has lost interest in life, back to Korea and the remote cottage in the countryside where she spent a tumultuous time in her youth. Memories overwhelm Suni of a feral and mute orphan who the family took in … only to discover that he was a creature never meant to exist.

But damaged by life’s struggles herself, the beautiful, young Suni is patiently determined to tame the “wolf boy” and teach him to live among people. In return, he repays her uncommon kindness with unparalleled devotion. When a threat to Suni brings out the boy’s bestial instinct, he abruptly becomes the target of the villagers’ fears. To safe his life, Suni must abandon him, but promises that she will return ...

Is it possible that he continues to wait for her?

Do not read into the title of this film too much because it is a bit mis-leading. This is by no means a horror film and the boy is not really a werewolf either. Instead "A Werewolf Boy" is a story of love and devotion between a feral young boy and the older daughter of a family that finds the boy and takes him in. The daughter decides to civilize the boy as much as possible so he can fit in with the rest of the villagers but Ji-tae, the son of a rich family who wants Suni for himself has other plans and will do whatever it takes to get rid of the boy for good.

To talk too much about the plot would only ruin the film for those wanting to see but I can tell you that is a wonderful piece of cinema. The story is at times funny at times dramatic and at times exciting. This is a tender story of love and devotion that will have you laughing and crying by the time the credits roll. The cast did a terrific job playing their roles, Bo-Yeong Park is amazing as the sickly young girl that befriends the boy and Joong-Ki Song is incredible as the wolf boy. He barely speaks during the film but his facial expressions and body language is something to behold.

As far as the production goes the film looks really good considering it was done on a small budget. The effects used in the film is not very good but it never really matters because the story is so well executed. I have to admit I was not so sure about the film before I watched it but I quickly learned that this was something special. A love story for the ages, a film that should game a large following through strong word of month. I for one cannot recommend seeing it enough. "A Werewolf Boy" takes a story that has been done over and over again and it breaths new life into it. Forget Twilight, this is a story that will have you engaged right from the start. You will immediately have feelings for the characters and you will feel each emotion the characters have. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up today.

Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Making of A Werewolf Boy

Deleted scenes

Deleted scenes with commentary

The language of Cheol-Su

Beautiful Wolf

Poster shoot

Alternate ending

IAM. Trailer

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by CJ Entertainment

**** Out Of *****