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Cast: Ed Asner, Tim Curry, Matthew Lillard, George Takei

Director: Leo Lee

Genre: Animated/Family

Year: 2014

Rating: PG

Adventurous young Boca decides he must do something after coming to the realization that his tribe is starving. Along with his friend Nipop, he heads out in search of a magical plant from the Bonta Forest that will feed everyone and make him a hero, but the adventure is not as easy as he thought it would be. Boca and Nipop are threatened by Liza King who wants to take over the forest, but escapes with the help of a giant ostrich robot. They also become friends with a beautiful and brave princess and continue on their adventure. Will Boca be able to find the magical plant and save his tribe? Will his dream of becoming a hero ever be realized?

Axel, a rascal and self-proclaimed hero, sets out on an incredible journey with this friend Jono, to save his village by finding a rare plant called Bonta. Along the way he'll battle the elements, fight the crazed Lizard King and save a princess, all to find out what it means to be a real hero.

"Axel:The Biggest Little Hero" is a unique and entertaining film that the entire family can enjoy together. The story focuses on young Axel who is always getting into some sort of trouble while calling himself a hero. Right after he finds out that is tribe is running out of food he has a dream that there is a land far away that has Bonta plants that can save his tribe and make him the hero he sees himself as. His buddy Jono tags along even though Axel is against it. They meet a giant ostrich robot who joins them on their adventure which comes with a bit of danger and excitement as the search for their tribes survival.

What I found unique about Axel and the entire tribe is that they are a legged creatures that are pretty adorable. There is plenty of action and excitement a long the way as well as a good dose of humor as well which supplies a lot of laughs. The film is available on DVD, you can order it HERE.

This is a fun kids film that the entire family can enjoy together which is something we can never have enough of so if you have children be sure to add this to your collection. The film also has a terrific cast of voice actors which includes, Ed Asner, Tim Curry, Matthew Lillard and George Takei.

Released by Arc Entertainment

**** Out Of *****