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Cast: Alan Thicke, Laura Vandervoort, Joe Dinicol, Michael Seater

Director: Jeff Stephenson

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2015

Rating: R

Life could not be better for best friends Neal and Isaac. They just graduated college and landed their dream job with a top investment bank. But when they discover their boss is planning a crooked student loan deal, their lives are thrown into turmoil. Determined to stop the corrupt plan, they concoct a crazy scheme of sex, drugs and espionage, resulting in a wildly chaotic adventure.

"Bank$tas" Tells the story of Neal and Isaac, two friends who have just graduated from college and have landed a job at a top investment bank. They think they have finally made their mark and are on their way to the top until they find out their boss is planning a student loan scam that will mess up the lives of many students. So together they come up with a plan to stop their boss without actually ruining their futures.

I went into this with my expectations set on low, after-all it is a low budget comedy that I never heard of before but I ended up enjoying quite a bit. The story is a bit more complex than the synopsis above because after the boys find out they are being set up by their boss they hatch a plan that doesn't always go right so there is a lot going on. You have an adult comedy with sexual situations, hot ladies and even a little bit of drug use and when you combine it all with a funny if not predictable story you get a comedy that hits a lot of the right notes.

The acting in the film was another plus, Michael Seater and Joe Dinicol are fantastic together as Neal and Isaac and Alan Thicke is a real treat as their conniving boss. But for me the stand-out performance came from Brandon Firla who plays the bosses son, "Pistol Pete." He provides a good amount of laughs in the film.

"Bank$tas" is not a great film by any means but it is a very entertaining one that is both well written and acted. The film is available now on DVD with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary

Behind The Scenes and Much More

You can order the DVD HERE.

"Bank$tas' has the 80's vibe, a time when comedies were actually fun, I recommend this to all you adult fans of the genre.

Released by ARC Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****