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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Christy Oldham, Shane Woodson

Director: Shane Woodson

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

A phone sex operator turned vigilante, travels cross country in her vintage Plymouth Barracuda (Muscle Car) to bring sex offenders to justice where the law has failed. The film exposes secrets and criminal sexual lives of normal, professional men. Starring: Award winning actress and producer, Christy Oldham whose one-time job as a phone-sex operator provided the inspiration for the film.

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"Barracuda" tells the story Summer who works as a phone sex operator while doing her paintings which are a passion and one she would like to pursue. The men that call tell her about raping women and taking advantage of kids, that along with her own past leads her to take note of where these perverts are and when she decides to take a trip to her sisters she makes a few stops along the way to bring these sex offenders to justice.

Based on true events, the film has the feel of 70's exploitation but in a lot of ways it is not your typical grind-house film. What I mean by that is the film doesn't have all the brutal violence that accompanies such a film, what "Barracuda" focuses on and what makes it different is that it deals with bringing sex offenders to justice while reminding us all that there are some very bad people out there taking advantage of women and children. Now do not get me wrong the film is at times rude, crude and even insulting and it contains a good bit of humor as well but its the story and the message it sends that make it an unique action film

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The film stars Award winning actress and producer, Christy Oldham who worked as a phone-sex operator which was used as an inspiration when she wrote the script for the film. Christy is terrific as Summer, she is an incredible actress and her gorgeous looks are perfect for the role as well. You men out there are going to love the outfits she wears. The rest of the supporting cast did a great job as well and the production wise the film looks great.

"Barracuda" is a fast paced action film thanks to Director, Shane Woodson, but it must be given credit as well for tackling a very serious subject matter, so while it entertains it is also educating people on the dangers the lurk around every corner. I really enjoyed the film, I was drawn into the story and I kept rooting for Summer all the way to the very end. It's great when you get to see a movie that thinks outside the box for a change while still supplying enough of the genre to make for a fun and entertaining ride. The film will be released on DVD 12/17/13, you can Pre-order it HERE. This is an excellent film that I recommend checking out.

Released by Maverick Entertainment

**** Out Of *****