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Cast: Claude Rains (Casablanca, The Invisible Man, Notorious), Bill Carter, Umberto Orsini, Maya Brent, Jaqueline Derval and Renzo Palmer

Director: Antonio Margheriti

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

Year: 1961

Rating: NR

The Film Detective (TFD), the classic film restoration and streaming company, will release the 1960s, sci-fi classic, Battle of the Worlds (1961), on special-edition Blu-ray and DVD, August 9. A highly anticipated release from TFD, presented from a 4k scan of an original 35mm archival print.

BONUS FEATURES: Original essay by author Don Stradley, Margheriti’s World; Full-length commentary track by film historian Justin Humphreys; all-new original production, A Cinematic Outsider: The Fantastical Worlds of Antonio Margheriti by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures; and an insert with a special surprise for TFD fans.

This Italian film is actually a pretty smart and engaging invassion film from 1961. It also stars a Hollywood star from the golden age, Claude Rains who stars as Dr. Benson a smart but misunderstood mental giant.

The 4k scan of an original 35mm archival print is beautiful to look at. Sure it lacks the special effects of today but this is an engaging Sci-Fi that is wotrth adding to your collection.

Released by The Film Detective

**** Out Of *****