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Cast: Ernesto D’Alessio (Chente), Kaelin Stockwell (Ben), Benjamin Chamberlain (Jerry), Leila Garza Stockwell (Jubilee), Kristen Barrett (Angela)

Director: Joel Vallie

Genre: Drama/Romance/Horror

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Ben is a brain damaged young man who awakens from a violent accident to a restored intellect and supernatural abilities, which allow him to control the happenings of his world. Trapped in his own mind, he must face his horrific past and the memories that haunt him, or he may never wake up.

"Beautiful Prison" tells the story of Ben, a young man that has been mentally challenged since being psychically abused as a child by his father. Ben lives with his sister and her husband who also happens to be Ben's boss at work. He also works with his best friend Jerry. Ben loves to watch a local soap Opera and fantasizes about being with the lead actress, Jubilee. He day dreams about her even at work and it results in him making mistakes and getting in trouble for it. One day when it happens his friend Jerry tells him to go to the bath room and takes the blame for the accident which results in Ben's brother-in-law firing Jerry. Angry over it Ben gets in a fight with his brother-in-law and accidentally gets hit by a car. Laying in a coma in the hospital Ben must relive his horrific past and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. Things are much different in this state of mind as his friends become demons, his arm keeps gushing blood and everyone treats him as if he is disabled still when he clearly is not.

Once Ben figures out what is going on he is then able to control his new world and make his "life" better but will he come out of the coma he is in and face the real world again for will he stay in his fantasy world where he is safe, normal and happy?

I really enjoyed "Beautiful Prison," right from the start I was taken into Ben's life and it was very easy to care for him from then on. The film starts off as a normal story about a disabled young man who is being taken care of by his sister and her husband but once Ben gets hit by the car the film takes a turn and becomes much darker and twisted. I liked both parts of the story, the part where Ben relies on others and the second part where his subconscious creates these demons and forces him to relive his past until he is able to control it.

Another thing I found great about the film was the acting, everyone in the film did a great job playing their characters including, Ernesto D’Alessio (Chente), Benjamin Chamberlain (Jerry), Leila Garza Stockwell (Jubilee), Kristen Barrett (Angela) but to me the star of the film was Kaelin Stockwell. His performance as Ben disabled and not is amazing. He really brings the character to life with all the needed emotions. Production wise the film looks and sounds great especially since it was done on a low budget.

Those who see the film will come up with their own thoughts about it but no manner what I think it will affect everyone in some way. To me the film is about abuse and what it does to people, the style, demons and Ben's world free of pain are in a lot of ways side notes to the main message the film is sending. Either way I highly recommend checking out this unique and original film that contains a perfect mix of drama, romance and horror. Available now on DVD with Special Features that include:

The Making Of

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Released by Midnight Releasing

**** Out Of *****