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Cast: Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, The 5th Wave), Cary Elwes (Saw, Twister, The Princess Bride), Morgan Saylor (“Homeland”), Common (Suicide Squad, Wanted) and Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, “The 100”).

Director: Rob Reiner

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Year: 2016

Rating: R

Being Charlie centers on the eponymous 18-year-old (Robinson) as he drifts in and out of rehab clinics for drug addiction, while his actor-turned-politician father (Elwes) runs for governor of California. Charlie begins a relationship with fellow rehab patient Eva (Saylor) and the two attempt to get clean, but they find maintaining sobriety is a constant fight with the odds against them.

"Being Charlie" tells the story of Charlie, a troublesome 18-year-old who comes from a well to do family. His father is an actor-turned politician so Charlie was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but that does not mean there aren’t problems for him. He is a drug addict and his father seems to be more concerned about his election than Charlie's well being. After he is forced in to an adult rehab(because his father lied to him) he meets a young lady who is in the program as well and things immediately change for the better for Charlie at least at first. After they are told that having a relationship is not allowed Eva begins to pull away and you can see her getting more and more anxious to leave the place. After she takes off Charlie also takes a turn for the worst by leaving the rehab center and going back to drugs. But when tragedy strikes Charlie will have to reexamine his own life if he wants to live.

"Being Charlie" was directed by the legendary Rob Reiner. The film is based on personal experiences and their own family’s battles. The film is co-written by Reiner’s son, Nick Reiner, along with fellow recovering addict Matt Elisofon. The film itself is all about drug addiction but there is also a good amount of humor mixed in to lighten the load at times but the story never strays too far from its main message. Right from the start I was taken in by Charlie, as many problems as he has and even with some of the stupid things he does he is a very likable young man that you care for from the start of the film all the way to the end.

Rob Reiner's direction is flawless. He does a great job mixing the comedy with the drama while still delivering his messages about drug addiction and what it does to individuals and their families. He delivers a heartfelt, tragic and realistic story backed by terrific performances from all involved. Nick Robinson is simply amazing as Charlie. He brings his character to life in so many ways. A very talented young actor who has a bright future ahead of him. The supporting cast members are all terrific as well including, Cary Elwes as his father and Morgan Saylor as Eva to name only a few.

This is a personal film by Reiner because it is about his son, Nick Reiner and his battle with drug addiction a decade ago. Nick Reiner cowrote the screenplay. "Being Charlie" is a film about beating drug addiction and finding yourself in a world where you don't seem to fit into. If you ever had an addiction problem or someone you know has then "Being Charlie" will really hit home. I loved this film and I cannot believe it never got a bigger push in theaters but it is available now on Digital HD and On Demand so be sure to check it out. Through all the heartbreak and tragedy that is drug addiction the film still manages to leave you with a hopeful smile on your face and it does it in true Rob Reiner style. I highly recommend check it out now.

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**** Out Of *****