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Cast: Audrey Noone, Justin Thibault, Chris Fisher, Marc Powers, Christie Devine, Kris Salvi, Anthony Gaudette, Sheri Lee

Director: Chris Esper

Genre: Crime/Drama

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

A corrupt police officer finds herself in trouble with internal affairs after a shooting gone bad.

'Bent' tells the story of Brenda and Michael. Two cops who are sent to deliver a search warrant but instead they shoot the man and his innocent girlfriend, Lacy. And while they are there the two decide to take the drugs and sell them for extra profit. The problem is Internal Affairs is on to them and is getting ready to take the two down but luckily for Brenda she has a friend in L.T. Carmichael. The only problem is she is going to have to do something for Internal Affairs in order for her to walk.

'Bent' is a twenty one minute Short Film from Director, Chris Esper from a story by John Epski and screenplay by Kris Salvi. The one thing 'Bent' may not be is an action film but instead it is a character driven crime/drama that is engaging. Right from the start you are tossed into the lives of these two cops, You don't care much for Michael because you realize right from the start he doesn't like playing by the rules but you do find a spot in your heart for Brenda who is struggling because she cannot see her daughter and she at least has a conscience.

There’s a lot to like about the film including the direction and the cinematography but what really makes the film compelling is the story which keeps you drawn to the screen the entire time. Another thing is the cast, everyone in the film did a great job but if I had to point out a few actors they would be Justin Thibault who plays crooked Michael and Kris Salvi who plays an Internal Affairs agent. Kris always makes you sit straight up in your chair and pay attention any time he is on screen regardless of the movie he is in. And last but not least the super talented Audrey Noone who plays Brenda. She steals every scene she is in with her emotional performance.

'Bent' is an intense and realistic cop drama that is sure to pick up multiple awards during its festival run. I highly recommend checking it out when you can. Check out Director, Chris Esper's Facebook page HERE to find out when and where it might be playing. I had a great time watching 'Bent' and I think you will find it as intriguing as I did.

**** Out Of *****

"Bent" (2018) | Trailer from Stories in Motion on Vimeo.