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Cast: Mo'Nique, Isaiah Washington, Julian Walker, Terrell Tilford

Director: Patrik-Ian Polk

Genre: Drama

Year: 2015

Rating: R

Seventeen-year-old Randy (Julian Walker) tries very hard to be a good person. Since his father (Isaiah Washington) left, Randy takes care of his emotionally disturbed mother (Mo’Nique), and he’s the kind of friend all of his classmates can depend on. As strong as he seems on the outside, Randy is hiding a secret inner struggle and denial of his true self. It’s not until he opens himself up to love that he discovers that becoming a man means accepting who you really are.

"Blackbird" tells the story of Randy, a young teen who is confused about his sexuality. It is also about the judgmental people around him that makes his life that much harder. The film is a story of faith and coming of age but it is not your normal kind you might see with a Dove approved seal. This is one of the few I have seen that tackles all the issues of being gay head on, it doesn't pull any punches and I commend it for that. It is also an important film as well for those on both sides, those struggle to be who they are and those that do not approve yet have to try and tell others how to live.

"Blackbird" also has a cast that really delivers. Julian Walker is excellent as Randy in his acting debut and he is backed by some star power in the form of Mo'Nique and Isaiah Washington who play his mother and father. The rest of the supporting cast were great as well.

I loved the way Director, Patrik-Ian Polk tackled the issues at hand, he handled the film with class and grace while not shying away from the tough subject matters. This could be a learning tool for everyone. If the subject matter bothers you or makes you uneasy then do not watch the film but I do highly recommend it not only as a lesson in humanity but as a lesson in film making and acting as well. "Blackbird" is available on DVD and Blu-ray with Special Features that include:

Audition Footage

Deleted Scenes

Behind the Scenes of BLACKBIRD

Music Video - D. Woods "Find Your Way"

Theatrical Trailer

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.


**** Out of *****