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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Darrin Dewitt Henson, Gabrielle Dennis, Lamman Rucker, Christian Keyes, Erica Hubbard, Tiffany Hines

Director: Mark Harris

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2014

Rating: PG

Robert (Darrin Henson) picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate! After being fired from his own fatherís company, he feels like his luck has run out Ė until Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis) enters into his life. Just as things start to heat up between them, trouble brews as Morganís ex-husband (Lamman Rucker) vows to get her back and Robertís gold-digging ex-girlfriend (Erica Hubbard) returns with an agenda of her own. With the help of his cousin (Christian Keyes), Robertís about to find out how much good can come out of a bad situation in this charming romantic comedy about finding common grounds.

"Black Coffee" tells the story Robert who is having the worst day of his life. He gets fired from his job and his gold-digging girlfriend leaves him, both in the same day. And to throw salt on the wound he finds out that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his boss and everyone else knew it but him. Things look to turn around when he meets Morgan, a beautiful young attorney but she two is having some relationship issues. But thanks to Robert's cousin who keeps encouraging him things work out for everyone including his gold-digging ex.

One thing that I must applaud the film on is it manages to be a clean yet funny romantic comedy with a bit of drama tossed in without being raunchy. This is a film your older children can sit and watch and I only say older because most of the real young ones will probably be bored by the adult story. I loved the performances by the films two main leads, Gabrielle Dennis and Darrin Dewitt Henson. They brought Morgan and Robert to life and made your feel for them. The supporting cast all did a great job as well including, Christian Keyes who plays Robert's cousin Julian in the film. I have reviewed numerous films now that have had Christian in them and he has been fantastic in everything.

If there was one thing I did not like about the film it was the little bit of preaching about the over-all messages in the film. I did admire the messages but I thought they were easily a universal thing so I thought the film could of done without pointing to a particular group of people. I am being a bit vague here only because I do not want to ruin the film for anyone but most will see what I mean once the watch the film.

I did enjoy "Black Coffee" a lot, I liked the story, the characters and the messages as a whole. This is a funny and at times touching romantic comedy that is sure to find a large audience on home video. Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

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Released by Image Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****