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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Devanny Pinn, Britt Griffith, Noah Dahl, Alexis Iacono, Cleve Hall, Jessica Cameron, Sarah Nicklin, Daniel Murwaka

Director: Brandon Slagle

Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Psychological Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as "The Black Dahlia".

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The film follows Holly Jenson as she looks to find the truth after her younger brother is accused of murdering their parents. To be honest the less you know about the film the better, there are enough reviews out there already that contain spoilers so if you want to know more about what happens in the film I suggest you look elsewhere because not knowing is what this film is all about. Most are already familiar with the story of The Black Dahlia, Writer/Director, Brandon Slagle takes the crime story and weaves in a story of supernatural possession. This is a slow moving film but believe me when I tell you that it is deliberate. Right from the start the mystery begins, you already have questions about who this character is and how they relate to the film's other main characters. The mystery is thick and Slagle demands your attention as he gives a little bit of the puzzle away at a time as you are drawn closer and closer to the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next and wanting to know more. This is an intelligent, clever mix of real life crime and horror, it's a thinking man's film that asks you to have patience and in the end you reek all the rewards.

With a story this complex you need a cast that can really deliver on the characters and everyone in the film did a fantastic job playing their roles. Brandon Slagle himself is amazing as Malcolm a very important character in the story. Noah Dahl is also great as Holly's blind brother and accused murderer, Tyler. Look, I can sit here and type out the entire cast because everyone in the film even the supporting cast did a great job but the two main leads that really got my attention belong to Devanny Pinn and Britt Griffith. Holly is a very complex character to play but Pinn handles her with ease, I was really taken back a step at how easy she made it look. Pinn is an actress to keep your eyes on as I see her going places. And what about Britt Griffith? Well he gives one the creepiest performances I have seen in a very long time as Dr. Brian Owen. Like I stated before to talk too much about the story would only ruin the fun that awaits and that goes for the characters as well, just know that everyone in the film really delivers on their characters.

By the end of "The Black Dahlia Haunting" I thought to myself, what a wonderful and unique take on a story that has been told many times over but I also felt that it was a really hard film to talk about. If there was ever a film that needed to be seen and not read about this would be the film simply because it has too much mystery and suspense about it.

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This is a must-see film that deserves a wide audience. I highly recommend you like the film's Facebook page located HERE. to keep up on the film's progress and when and where you might be able to see this gem. I look forward to seeing what this talented filmmaker and the amazing cast has coming out next because after seeing this film I think the skies the limit for everyone involved. I hope this film gets to the masses before long because it deserves it and it will very quickly gain a huge following through strong word of mouth. An intelligent, disturbing and suspense filled masterpiece.

Released by Pinnovating Productions, Zeroinside Films, Phoenix Group Releasing

***** Out Of *****