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Cast: Ice-T, Michael McFadden, Chris James Boylan

Director: Dan Lantz

Genre: Action, Crime, Horror

Year: 2017

Rating: NR

Bloodrunners combines the action of crime dramas with the otherworldly gore of vampire legends. Michael McFadden (The Networker) headlines as a cop living large on looking the other way as booze flows through his protectorate. When he discovers that Chesterfield, the owner of the latest speakeasy has a thirst for warm blood as well as cold hard cash, he must find a way to save his town before it dries up.

"Bloodrunners" takes place in 1933 during the prohibition era. It centers on two cops, Malone and Sam who are on the take. In fact the whole police department is on the take. When they get wind of a new speakeasy they decide to check it out to see if they can squeeze money out of the owner, Victor Renfield. But the more they investigate the more it seems like the real owner might be the black band leader, Chesterfield. Suspecting the club is running booze they decide to send four officers out to stop a delivery of booze but what they get instead are cases of blood and three dead cops at the hands of vampires. Now Malone must seek help from a local priest and a young man who works at Chesterfields in order to stop the clan before they take over the entire town.

"Bloodrunners" stars Ice-T as Chesterfield, the leader of not only the club but the entire vampire clan as well. Michael McFadden co-stars as the cop who seeks to end his bloody rampage. This an interesting take on the vampire genre, I don't remember ever seeing a vampire flick that takes place during the prohibition era so it felt fresh and original to me.

The film doesn't hide its vampire secrets from the audience. Right from the start we see our first vampire action and then the film settles in as we are introduced to the characters and the story is set up. For the majority of the film it stays a gangster style period piece and the full-blown vampire action doesn't happen until later in the film. But the story was well written and engaging enough to keep your interest until the action kicks in.

Because of that I would say that the film does get better as it moves along. Filmed on a low budget some of the effects are a bit weak toward the end but it is still entertaining with all its cheesiness. I also thought some of the acting felt a little forced but for the most part the cast did a fine job. Along with the horror and drama there is a bit of comedy in the film as well which keeps the proceedings light at times.

The story also has a few secrets that it reveals as the film moves along which also keeps the audience interested. I have to admit I was not all that crazy about the film during the early going but it did get better for me as it moved along and I hope they do a sequel with perhaps a little bigger budget.

Production wise besides the weak effects I thought they did a great job recreating the period and the cinematography and sound were both great. If you like vampire films then check out this little entry. It brings some new ideas to the table plus Ice-T and Michael McFadden are also good enough reasons to check it out.

"Bloodrunners" will be available on Blu-ray/DVD And Digital HD on March 7th so be sure to check it out. It is not without its flaws but the story and lead actors more than make up for it. "Bloodrunners" is a fun little gangster/vampire flick that sinks its teeth into you and it leaves you wanting more.

Released by Speakeasy Pictures/IMPULSE-FX

*** 1/4 Out of *****