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Cast: Danielle Lilley, Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez, Kelly Kilgore Supporting Cast: Emily Cutting, Phillip Marunowski, Gabrielle Henry

Director: Jeremiah Buckhalt

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Laurie and Hugh are a successful young couple who have just closed on a weekend home away from the city. Unbeknownst to them, the neighboring property contains the crumbling remains of a boarding school that was shuttered in the wake of an unspeakable massacre. The sole survivor of that massacre still resides in the ruins of the school, hiding from the world and wanting only to be left alone. When Laurie and Hugh's friends explore the property, they have no idea that they disturbed an emotionally-broken killer: The Blood Widow.

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When I first saw about "Blood Widow" I instantly thought that the trailer was amazing, the artwork was kick-ass and the killer was original and very creepy yet cool looking so I was really excited to check it out. The film starts off on a high note as we see a young man with a camera taking pictures of the outside of the boarding school. He soon ventures inside only to meet his end. The title screen appears and we are introduced to Laurie and Hugh as well as their four friends. The film then spends a bit of time letting us get to know each character which is important but not every horror film does it so I give the film makers credit for that. Once the couple's friends decide to visit the closed up school the killing begins again and doesn't stop till the very end.

I had high expectations for "Blood Widow" and I was not disappointed. The film fires on all cylinders, there is just the right amount of drama, mystery and blood and guts in the film and there were a few very cool kills as well. I am purposely avoiding the plot here because the above synopsis is all you need to know, there are a few twist in the story and the film also does a great job telling the back story on the killer as well.

Production wise the film looks and sounds fantastic and the practical effects used were mostly all good except a few seemed a bit weak but everything else about the film made up for its few flaws.

Another thing about the film that I found impressive was the cast, everyone in the film did a great job. I refuse to pick out any one actor because everyone here is extremely talented. "Blood Widow" is the debut film for Director, Jeremiah Buckhalt and it is a pretty damn impressive one at that. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

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"Blood Widow" is one of the coolest slasher films I have seen with one of the most original villains ever. This is an intense, creepy and scary horror flick that delivers on everything it promises. If you are a fan of horror this is one film not to be missed. The film comes to DVD on June 3, you can order it HERE.

Released by Midnight Releasing

**** Out Of *****