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Cast: Dana BergerMax, Woertendyke

Director: Dane Elcar

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

'Brightwood' tells the story of Dan and Jen, a couple who are near the end of their relationship that is most worse by Dan drinking too much wine and flirting with Jen's co-workers the night before. Jen decides to go for a run and Dan follows even though he doesn't seem to be an exercise kind of guy but is worried about their relationship. But everything changes when Jen decides she is going to run the trail and circle around the pond that is located right off the trail. After a short about of time things get a little crazy. It seems like the trail has completely disappeared and they are stuck inside a constant loop. Between strange noises, terrible headaches and hooded figures things are about to get a lot worse for the couple if they can't figure a way out.

'Brightwood' is an excellent example of how someone can create an amazing Independent film on a small budget. This is Writer/Director, Dane Elcar's first feature film. He has done 3 short films including 'The Pond' which this film is based off of. I Look forward to seeing what he does next. You would think by reading the synopsis that it may not work as well as a feature film but Dane Elcar does a great job at getting the audience's attention right from the start and keeping them engaged the entire time. Considering the "looping" could create some boredom but it never does because of the two characters that are well developed and and the different twists that are injected into the story.

The film stars, Dana Berger as Jen and Max Woertendyke who plays Dan. Both give amazing realistic performances and have great chemistry together. The acting really keeps you interested well the story takes you in directions never seen before. The is a unique Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller that will have you hanging on as you wait to find out what the couple's fate is going to be and the ending will leave you talking about it for some time to come.

'Brightwood' mirrors The couple's relationship by putting them inside a loop they feel the cannot escape. There's lots of food for thought and and a entertaining thriller that no one should miss.

Released by Cinephobia Releasing

**** Out Of *****