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Cast: Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Albrecht, Alaina Gianci, Veronica Wylie, Matthew Stiller

Director: Carl Lindbergh

Genre: Horror

Rating: NR

A a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas, and while driving through the remote regions of southern California they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five ton dumptruck and, when looking for help, stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.

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"Bunnyman" might sound similar to other horror films such as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and in a lot of ways it is but Writer/Director, Carl Lindbergh adds to the genre by introducing us to a new Icon of horror, Bunnyman, a psycho cannibalistic killer dressed in a bunny suit, abused when he was little he now uses the bunny suit to hide behind his shame. Going by the title you might think get the idea this a horror/comedy but it's not, the film is played out strictly as a horror film and a very effective one at that. The story is pretty basic, a group of friends are heading home from a road trip when suddenly a truck decides to play a game of cat and mouse with them, soon one member of group is killed and the others are forced to walk and try to find help. They first stumble on a house but the man there is of no help so they move on, shortly after they meet a couple but they to seem strange and tell the group they will come back to pick them up but they have other deadly motives in mind. While walking through the woods they find Bunnyman who seems to be feasting on his latest victims and this is where the mayhem begins. There is plenty of killing and blood a long the way but the film doesn't reply on it alone, there is also plenty of tension and suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat and glued to the screen. The production and effects in the film are both pretty good for a Independent and the deserted locales add to the over-all atmosphere the film is attempting to create. As far as the cast goes they all do a pretty good job playing out their roles, the characters are not really developed but it is not needed in the film since most do not last long enough to care about them anyway. If I had to choose an actor I thought was the highlight of the film I guess I would pick Cheryl Texiera who play's Rachel. She is not only beautiful but she brings all the emotions needed for the character as well.

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"Bunnyman" doesn't break any new ground as far as the genre goes but from its opening scene you know what you are in for and it wastes no time in getting to the action. Gore fans are going to enjoy this one, it brings everything that makes for an entertaining horror film to the table. Going by the ending here I would say there were plans to do a sequel but since the film is listed as being made in 2009 I am not sure if that is still the plan. Either way the film pays homage to some of the great films that came before it while introducing us to a cool new villain, Bunnyman hops onto the screen as the new horror icon. This is Director, Carl Lindbergh's third film and his best to date, he obviously has a good eye for the genre and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. The DVD will be released on June 21st and it will come with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary

Behind The Scenes Featurettes

Deleted Scenes


Production Gallery

The Secret Life of Bunnyman

You can check when it will be available to Pre-order HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****