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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Skylar Astin, Chad Michael Murray, Camilla Belle, Alexis Knapp, Kenny Wormald, Dayo Okeniyi

Director: Herschel Faber

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Year: 2013

Rating: R

LA playboy Dean (Skylar Astin) is fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships - he wants more out of life than just a party. With a little inspiration from his nine-year-old nephew and his best friend Tess (Camilla Belle), Dean decides to try his hand at finding true love for the first time - which proves to be much more difficult than he thought in modern-day Los Angeles.

"Cavemen" is about these four playboys that live in a warehouse that they call the cave hence the film's title. They sit around drinking and talking about girls they had but Dean is starting to feel a bit bored of the whole scene. He wants to finally settle down and find true love. And then there is his best friend Tess, you can sense the two feel a little something towards each other but for some reason it just never happened. I am not going to continue on about the plot so not to ruin anything but you get the idea and can probably guess where it is all going.

This is a romcom that is not very different than any others but it is at least entertaining. There are some very funny moments and a good bit of drama and romance mixed in as well. I thought the cast did a great job in the film including Skylar Austin who plays Dean and Camille Belle who plays his best friend Tess. The only problem I had with the casting was that Camille Belle did not have enough screen time. She is such a beautiful woman to look at and she is a pretty good actress as well.

"Cavemen" is a predictable comedy romance but it still manages to be enjoyable. I knew all a long what was going to happen but I had a good time getting there. It could of been better but I have seen a lot worse as well.

Available on both DVD and Blu-ray with no Special Features. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

"Cavemen" is a fun adult comedy with a good cast and lots of eye candy for both men and women to enjoy so check it out.

Released by Well Go USA

*** 1/4 Out Of *****