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Cast: Nicki Aycox, Jordan Belfi, Stephen Lang

Director: Nicki Aycox

Genre: Drama/War

Rating: NR

A young German woman prepares to leave her war-ravaged city to begin a new life in America with her G.I. fiance. But standing between her and a hopeful future is a relentless police inspector, determined to prevent her from escaping her past. He pushes her to face the truth about a child, whose secret the woman has kept all this time. Before she can leave for her new life, she will be forced to confront the past she has been trying to leave behind.

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"Christina" is a little film in regards to budget and production, this drama takes place in a single room with only three characters, there is Christina, Billy her soon to be American husband and Inspector Edgar Reinhardt. The film starts off a little strange as we see Christina in her apartment by herself talking away, you get the impression something isn't quite right with her but after her fiance arrives the film takes on a little playfulness but there is still a hidden mystery in Christina's words, as if she is hiding something. It doesn't take long before the Inspector shows up to confront Christina about her past. That is all you really need to and should know going into this otherwise it will spoil the experience and mystery of it all. A perfect example that you don't need some over-blown Hollywood budget to create a great film, all you need is a well-written script and some actors that can bring it to life and that's exactly what "Christina" does. The dialogue is intelligent and clever, it along with the characters create even suspense, mystery and drama that draws you in and puts you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next. The cast is simply amazing, Niki Aycock brings so much emotion to her fragile Christina that you can't help but feel her pain and confusion. Steven Lang's performance is one most actors only dream of having, his play of words with Christina is epic and he just about steals the show here. Jordan Belfi's role as the soon to be husband is one that shows him as the third wheel in the conversation but he does a terrific job interacting and taking Christina's side no matter what. All three play off each other flawlessly and have great chemistry together. Director, Larry Brand is a man with vision and one that certainly knows how to create a thought-provoking and powerful film, I look forward to seeing what he has coming next

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The story of a young woman who did what she felt she had to do in the holocaust of Nazi Berlin's final days who is trying to run away from her past while coming face to face with her psychological dilemma. I can't recommend this film enough, it is a powerful, engaging film that forces it's audience to think not only about this young woman and her problems but also about the effects of war even today. Brilliant film-making and a cast to die makes this a must-see film for any lover of cinema. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when this Indie gem comes out on DVD.

Released by Indican Pictures

***** Out Of *****