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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ally Sheedy, Meat Loaf, Sean Patrick Flanery

Director: Armand Mastroianni

Genre: Biography | Crime | Mystery

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Based on the book about a true story that dominated headlines, Citizen Jane is the gripping tale of Jane Alexander (“Brat Pack” royalty Ally Sheedy). Attractive and successful, Jane lives an enviable life in San Francisco with handsome, charismatic Tom O’Donnell (Sean Patrick Flanery, The Boondock Saints).

But Jane’s idyllic life is shattered when her beloved, elderly aunt is brutally murdered.

Heartbreak turns to horror when a persistent police detective, Jack Morris (Grammy Award-winning artist Meat Loaf, Fight Club), finally convinces an astonished Jane that the killer is Tom—a 25-year friend prior to their six-year romance. His unfathomable betrayal grows when he soon disappears with her money, leaving her near bankruptcy.

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Embarking on a 13-year journey to track down the cunning Tom, Jane – with the support of a dear friend (Nia Peeples, TV’s Pretty Little Liars, General Hospital) – stuns authorities with her shrewd tenacity … ultimately bringing her aunt’s killer to justice.

"Citizen Jane" originally aired on Television back in 2009, it's basically a crime drama as one woman attempts to find and bring her aunt's killer to justice. Little does she know, at least at first is the killer was right under her nose. Once she figures out who is guilty, with help from an investigating detective she embarks on a long journey to bring the man in. "Citizen Jane" play's out like most of these crime stories that air on TV, it's a bit slow in spots and predictable for the most part who the story really is about bringing in the killer, it never really attempts to hide the killer's idenity for very long. The cast did a fine job with strong performances from Ally Sheedy, Sean Patrick Flanery and Meat Loaf as the detective.

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The film doesn't contain any real suspense or thrills but I found it to be interesting and I was never bored by it. It goes to show that no matter how well you think you might know someone they can easily be hiding secrets and their true nature. The film does have you rooting for the bad guy to be caught and that makes the ending satisfying at least. If you like these kind of made for television movies or just enjoy a good crime story in general then I recommend picking this one up. It's an above average television film with strong performances and a good versus evil story with a human face. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Green Apple Entertainment

*** Out Of *****