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Cast: Aidan Bristow, Cory Driscoll, Avital Ash, Jennifer Baute, Landon Ashworth, Tybee Diskin,

Director: Dan Ast

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: NR

High school football hero Jack could care less when unknown classmate Claire was killed by a drunk driver. After her death, clues indicate she may have had a secret crush on him. Jack’s new found interest sparks issues within his own social circle as he uncovers “friends” who had wronged her in the past. His own life and sanity spiral out of control as curiosity turns to obsession. Did Jack play an unwitting role in Claire’s death?

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"Claire" has several characters that it focuses on and there are also a few plot lines going on all at once as well but they all come together as one in the end. The main story line about Claire, a 17-year-old High School Student who was killed by a drunk driver while walking along the road. The other main character is Jack, a jock and hero of his football team who cannot remember Claire even though she signed his cast. Jack's sudden interest in Claire starts out as curiosity but it quickly leads to an unhealthy obsession which begins to worry all his friends.

Jack finds out that Claire had a crush on someone from the football team and he assumes it was him so he goes to any length to find out. There are a few other sub-plots in the film as well but I am not going to talk about those so not to ruin the fun for those waiting to see the film.

Claire's death and how she died is no secret, we find all that out during the film's opening credits through newspaper clippings. The story is not about how she died but it is about Jack and his strange behavior, the more he finds out about Claire the stranger he becomes.

Claire" is the first feature film from Writer/Director, Dan Ast. The man really has the skills to tell an engaging story. His direction was flawless, he was able to blend all the characters and sub-plots together seamlessly. And then there is the acting, everyone in the film played a very important part and they did an amazing job playing their characters including, Aidan Bristow who plays Jack, Avital Ash who plays his girlfriend Ami, Jennifer Baute who plays Claire and Cory Driscoll who plays Jack's best friend, Aiden. This is an impressive cast that I hope to see more of in the future.

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"Claire" is the type of film that has many secrets which is why it gets you invested in the story and the lives of its character right from the start. I was hooked right from the opening credits as I sat back in my chair but as the film moved along and the mystery thickened and the suspense and tension hit new heights I found myself moving closer to the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next.

I loved everything about the film, it is a mesmerizing thriller drenched in mystery. If you like a film that keeps you guessing the entire time then I recommend checking out this Multi-layered gem.

The film will be available on DVD May 27, 2014 so make sure you check it out.

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****