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Cast: Paula Niedert Elliott, Chris Elliott, Abby Elliott, Birdey Elliott, Haley Joel Osment

Director: Birdey Elliott

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

Set over the course of a single evening in the Reynolds family home in suburban Connecticut, Clara's Ghost tells the story of Clara Reynolds who, fed up with constant ribbing from her self-absorbed showbiz family, finds solace in and guidance from the supernatural force she believes is haunting her.

'Clara's Ghost' Is a showbiz family affair, it stars, Chris Elliot, his wife Paula Niedert Elliott and their two daughters, Abby and Bridey Elliott. Bridey Elliott also wrote and directed the comedy/drama about a showbiz family. It tells the story of the Reynolds family, Ted is an actor that has seen his time come and go. His wife, Clara has also been on the sidelines during and after his success. She has never really been asked to participate in anything, not even in photos and she is also neglected as a wife as well. Their two daughters, Julie and Riley are two former child stars and are coming into town for Ollies' birthday, he just happens to be the family dog.

This is one of the most dysfunctional families you are going to meet. Ted is bitter over losing one of his latest roles and blames it on his daughter, Julie and her producer fiancÚ who are developing the series. So they are constantly throwing jabs at each other and their careers. Clara is in a world of her own, she drinks a lot and has recently began seeing a ghost that only she is capable of seeing. Is the ghost real or just a manifestation that Clara has created from being neglected by her family is anyone's guess.

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'Clara's Ghost' will make its Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival premiere tonight. The film tells us the story of a celebrity family and what happens to them when stardom dim. The family spends most of their time getting drunk and insulting each other. This makes for some drama and some very funny moments as well. It is a quirky, off the wall comedy/drama. I was immediately taken in by the characters, especially by the character Clara. She is the easily the best character in the film and the one you will feel the most about.

'Clara's Ghost' isn't a perfect film, It kind of got out of rhythm at times especially in the middle but the overall story and the fact that the Elliott family kind of poke fun at themselves and their careers made it quite entertaining to watch. I also must mention that Haley Joel Osment is in the film as well. He plays a long time friend and weed dealer, Joe. It is nice seeing him on screen again as well.

When I think of Independent Cinema, I think of films like this one. It has heart and character, a cast that delivers and a story that will entertain you while making you think. Like I said before, 'Clara's Ghost' is not perfect but it is a film I won't soon forget. Keep an eye out for this little gem and be sure to check it out. To find where you might be able to see the film check out its Official Page HERE.

Released by Smudge Films/Nighthorse Productions/Irony Point

*** 3/4 Out Of *****