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Cast: Stella Maeve, Alexander Nifong, Jamal Mallory-McCree, John de Lancie

Director: Gregory Orr

Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller

Rating: NR

Three teenagers stumble upon a secret laboratory and encounter superior clones of them. Duplicates; Doubles; Recreations… Call them what you will, they are exact copies of Craig, Tracy and Derek, three friends on a camping trip who accidentally trigger a deadly experiment left by The Recreator, a mysterious scientist with a passion for cloning. Trapped by their captors, the teenagers are no match for their physically stronger, faster, better selves. Their only hope is to outwit them and to escape with their lives before they are replaced.

"Cloned - The Recreator Chronicles" is an Indie Sci-fi/Thriller about three friends, Craig, his girlfriend Tracy and his best friend Derek taking a rowboat to have some fun camping on a nearby island. Tracy gets things going when she refuses to use the outdoors as a bathroom. Instead she walks up the hill to a cabin that is owned by a wealthy couple who are luckily not home at the time. She manages to use the bathroom and get out before the couple return. That night a severe storm with terrible lightning forces the friends to head back to the cabin for shelter till the storm passes but before they can leave the couple returns. The problem is the couple are not themselves, it seems some weird electricity and a old broken crate out in the woods has created duplicates, better versions of them and they have killed off the orignal couple and are looking to do the same to the three friends. While attempting to get away three naked clones of themselves appear and take out the couple but they too have their on ideas on what needs to be done with the originals.

To give away anymore plot details would spoil the film for those waiting to see it so I am not going to go into any more major details here. "Cloned" is not without it's flaws but for the most part this is a pretty entertaining thriller with a bit of humor along with some drama, action and suspense. The story is pretty straight forward but the film does toss in a few twists along the way with a major one right at the end that you may or may not see coming. Either way I thought it was a clever way of leaving the film open to a sequel if desired. Some might say the film is a bit boring but it never was to me even during the slower, more dramatic scenes in the film. I liked the way the originals and the clones were different personality wise. It made the film more entertaining and it also made it easier for the audience to tell them apart from the originals.

Another plus for this little Indie was that the acting from all involved especially the three main leads, Alexander Nifong, Stella Maeve and Jamal Mallory-McCree was solid. All three were excellent in their dual roles. Production wise the film looks and sounds great as well. "Cloned - The Recreator Chronicles" isn't an award winner but I found it to be a solid, original Sc-fi Thriller that kept my interest the entire time and like I stated before it had a satisfying ending as well. You don't get to see a film about clones all that often so if you like the genre I recommend checking this one out.

Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Closed Captioned

English SDH

16:9 Widescreen Format

5.1 Dolby Digital Sound

"Making Of" Featurette

Deleted Scenes


You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** 3/4 Out Of *****