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Cast: Victor Browne, Stephanie Drapeau, Kevin Sizemore, Marc Raymond

Director: Marcin Teodoru

Genre: Thriller

Rating: NR

Robert Goodwin returns home from business to find his beloved wife and daughter savagely murdered. When detectives inform him that they have no leads on the killer, he suspects that he is not being told the whole truth. Desperate to find the monster who murdered his family, and with the help of his step-‐brother, Lawrence, and sister-in-law, Natalie, Robert must try to navigate through a web of political intrigue that involves a cop and the district attorney, and all in the course of one night.

"Closure" tells the story of Robert Goodwin, a broken man, after returning home he finds his wife and daughter murdered. The police don't seem to be very interested in the case and all that Robert wants is the killer brought to justice. His step-brother is capable of getting Robert the files on the case, reluctant at first he finally gives in but tells Robert if someone finds out he has them do not say where he got them from. His wife's sister is another one that takes some convincing but once Robert gets a plan figured out she decides to help him bring down those responsible which includes the killer, the crooked cop and the lawyer.

"Closure" isn't much different than any other revenge thriller you might have seen, at least on the outside but it does have a few things going for it that takes it up another level than most. First is the story, simple from the outside but it contains a number of twists and turns along the way that keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat wanting to know more. There are a handful of possible people that could be the killer but the film keeps you in the dark through most of it's run time. The second thing that makes this thriller special is the cast, Victor Browne is incredible as Robert. He is brings every emotion needed to his character, this is a very powerful performance. Everyone in the film was terrific but two other stand-outs were Marc Raymond and Stephanie Drapeau as his step-brother and sister in law.

Production wise the film looks and sounds great. Credit must also go out to Director, Marcin Teodoru, He does a fantastic job at keeping the audience guessing and he keeps the story moving at a nice pace. "Closure" may not look like much from the outside but I found out in the end that this was an intelligent, clever thriller jam packed with suspense and mystery. It also contains a good bit of brutal violence but it never over takes the story it just enhances it. I recommend this to anyone that likes a good thriller, this is definitely a Indie gem I didn't see coming.

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Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****