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Cast: Bertie Higgins, Bianca Malinowski, Robert Thorne, Tom Sizemore

Director: Julian Higgins

Genre: Action/Crime

Rating: R

The year is 1976 in the Straits of Yucatan. The man is Jack Hooks, a former cop set up by his corrupt partner and sent to jail for a drug crime he didn't commit. After being yanked out of prison with an early release deal offered by the DEA, he is sent on a do or die mission; bring down the drug trade of his former partner, Frank Rossi and his contacts. Hooks has no choice but to plunge into the underworld of marijuana smuggling by making one big run through the narrow Yucatan channel that flows between Cuba and Mexico, also known as "The Eye", and into the heart of a violent Colombian drug ring. At the head of the ring is Carlos Huerta, the ruthless drug lord that is Rossi's source of supply, and Jack's final objective. That is, if he can escape the jungles of Colombia before his clandestine relationship with Elena, Huerta's young courtesan is discovered and threatens the lives of himself, his crew and his freedom.

I have always been a fan of Tom Sizemore so when I seen he was in "The Colombian Connection" I was eager to check the film out. Sizemore plays Frank, corrupt cop who sets up his partner, Jack after he gets wind of the illegal activities Frank is up to. Jack is offered a deal, early release from prison to go on a very dangerous mission of taking down his former partner Frank and his connections.

To talk too much about the story would only ruin the film for those waiting to see it. For me the film was a decent watch, it could have been a bit better but for what it was it was entertaining. The film starts off a bit slow but once it gets going it moves a long at a nice pace with plenty of action. The one thing I thought dragged it down a bit was some of the acting wasn't all that great. Don't get me wrong Tom Sizemore and the rest of the leads were all very good it was some of the other actors that brought a few scenes down a bit.

Production wise the film looks great and the action scenes are all very well done. The story contains a few twists and turns along the way which helps in building suspense and keeping your interest plus the fact that it claims to be a true story makes it a bit more engaging. "The Colombian Connection" isn't a great film but it is a fun, entertaining action film and it is always nice to see Mr. Sizemore in another film. The film contains just enough drama and action to please any fan of the genre so if you like a good action/crime film then I recommend checking this one out. Available now on DVD, the disc doesn't come with any Special Features. Despite it's flaws the film is worth checking out for Sizemore and Robert Thorne who plays Jack, those two along with the film's fast pace makes this a worth while action flick.

Released by Inception Media Group

*** 1/2 Out Of *****