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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mohamed Adamaly, Ben Cross, Ben Kingsley, Frederick-James Lobato

Director: Chandran Rutnam

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2013

Rating: PG-13

Academy Awardr-winner Ben Kingsley stars as a seemingly average citizen who plants five powerful bombs in different locations around a major city and threatens to detonate them unless his unconditional demand is met: The simultaneous release of four of the most deadly international terrorists from government prisons. His tactics are merciless. The risks are unthinkable. The manhunt has begun. But in an urban jungle already torn apart by fear, what could be the real motive behind a cunning madman's ultimate plan? Ben Cross co-stars in this explosive action-thriller about duty, justice and the unexpected vengeance of A COMMON MAN.

"A Common Man" is about a terrorist who plants several bombs throughout the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka and threatens to detonate them unless prisoners are released.

First off I would like to point out the fact that this film has a terrible English dub to it which begins pretty annoying as the film moves along do the the lips and the dub track never lining up. Why they didn't just leave the original language with English subs is beyond me. It seems like the film was never really intended for release in other markets but since Kingsley has a big role in the new Iron Man film they decided to release it quickly in the U.S. to make good on his popularity. This is just a guess on my part but I can say the film is definitely not one of his better ones. There is not much in the way of action but there is plenty of drama a long the way which might bore some people before the film hits its climax.

I have probably made the film sound like a total bust but there some good things about it as well. For starters Ben Kingsley gives another masterful performance here and he alone really does make the film better and Ben Cross also gives a strong performance in the film. The story also has a few nice twists a long the way as well to keep you interested. This is a remake of an Indian film called "A Wednesday" which I hear is a much better film than this one so you might want to seek it out as well. "A Common Man" is not a great film but its not a bad one either, the films director could of been better and had it been done on a higher budget with a better supporting cast it could of been so much better. I have seen better but I have seen worse as well so if you like the genre or are a fan of Kingsley then I recommend checking it out.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray with no Special Features. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

"A Common Man" was some what of a disappointment considering the cast but its still an engaging and thought provoking film that is worth checking out.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****