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Cast: Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”, “Fortunate Son”), Colm Meany (Seberg, “Star Trek : Deep Space Nine”), Clare-Hope Ashitey, Sadie Jean Shirley, Kris Johnson

Director: David Beton

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

One church, one priest, a wounded man and his loaded gun. An intense thriller played out in real-time during one night where a vengeful confession must take place.

'Confession' tells the story of Victor Strong who enters Father's Peter's church armed and wounded. Determined to make a confession he takes the Father hostage but neither man knows there is someone else in the church as well and they too are wounded and armed.

The drama/thriller that focuses on its story and characters to drive the film forward while constantly keeping the audience engaged. That is no small feat to pull off. But Writer/Director, David Beton was up for the task and he had a terrific cast of only three actors who all give engaging and powerful performances. Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”, “Fortunate Son”), Colm Meany (Seberg, “Star Trek : Deep Space Nine”), and Clare-Hope Ashitey all give amazing performances as the film's main cast for most of the movie.

If you are looking for an action film look elsewhere because 'Confession' is a deliberate slow-burn. It's a film that gets you hooked right from the start because it doesn't waste any time getting started and it keeps the pace all the way to the shocking ending. An engaging, surprising, and tense drama/thriller that will have you telling your friends and family about it. It is a movie lovers film so be sure to check it out when it opens in theaters January 21, 2022 followed by a VOD release Jan 25.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

**** Out Of *****

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