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Cast: JUNG Jae-Young, PARK Si-Hoo

Director: JUNG Byung-gil

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Action

Rating: NR

He's a killer. He didn't get caught. And he's about to be famous.

When the statute of limitations expires on a series of high-profile murders, a handsome and mysterious young man emerges with a tell-all book, taking credit for the crimes. As he seduces the media into following him to book signings and televised debates, the officer who hunted him falls deeper into obsession, and the victims' families plot their own revenge.

As the film opens most of the serial killer's work has already been done. Him and Detective Choi have one last fight scene that lasts for several minutes as Choi chases the killer through alleys and on rooftops until their final confrontation. As Detective Choi lays bleeding the killer walks off into the night. Years pass by until a young man appears with a tell all book claiming to be the infamous killer. The statute of limitations has expired but the young man claims he feels guilt which is why he cam forward. As he begins to become a celebrity Detective Choi plans his way of getting even as does family members of some of the victims, but nothing is as it seems.

"Confession Of Murder" wastes no time in getting started. The opening fight and chase on foot scene is breath-taking and exciting. The film then settles into the story but it is always engaging. I cannot really add anymore to the plot here because there is a lot going on in the film including several twists and one major one towards the end so I do not want to ruin it for those wanting to see the movie.

I can tell you that this is an excellent mystery/thriller that doesn't reveal itself totally until the end. In between the cat and mouse chatter is some more awesome fight scenes that puts you right at the edge of your seat. The chase and fight scene towards the end of the film is fantastic. The stunts in the film during the fights would make Jackie Chan proud.

Korean Cinema has taken the lead in recent years when it comes to this type of film. As always the sound and video are both fantastic. The fights are brutal and adrenaline filled and the story is both clever and original.

The film is available now on DVD and Blu-ray, you can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Both come with Special Features that include:

Original Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Behind the Scenes



I try to go into every movie I review blind and this was no exception. I was not sure what I was going to get here but I was not expecting just an amazing action/drama that is drenched in mystery and suspense. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Released by Well Go USA

***** Out Of *****