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Cast: Clayne Crawford(Rectify, A Walk to Remember), Mykelti Williamson(Forrest Gump, Con Air), Chelsea Bruland (Left Behind), Gary Grubbs (JFK), Laura Cayouette (Django Unchained), Catalina Soto-Aguilar (Sons of Liberty).

Director: Drew Hall

Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Detective Ben Walls (Clayne Crawford, Rectify, A Walk to Remember) lives a quiet life with his wife and newborn daughter. But he's called into action after an explosion at a local women's health clinic - and explosion that may be the work of a terrorist bomber Ben has been tracking. While investigating the scene, another shocking event lands Ben himself in the hospital. When he awakens he is surprisingly uninjured and ready to go back into the field. But at the behest of his captain (Mykelti Williamson, Forrest Gump, Con Air) and the hospital's few but eerily incongruous patients and staff, Ben is forced to remain inside the building.

As Ben navigates the hospital's alarmingly empty hallways, he soon finds himself hunted by a self-proclaimed avenging angel (Ethan Embry, Eagle Eye, Vacancy), who may be the terrorist he has been looking for, and haunted by apparitions whose deadly motives remain a mystery. As Ben's sense of reality begins to spiral out of control and the demons that surround him close in, he must find a way to both stop the supernatural forces that want him dead and catch the bomber before he strikes again.

"Convergence" tells the story of Ben Walls, a detective who gets called into action after a terrorist attack. When Ben arrives the scene is chaotic and he is sent inside a warehouse to see if those involved are still inside but the bad guys had already planned their second attack and another bomb goes off. Ben wakes up in a hospital but he seems unharmed and nothing seems right including a nurse that seems to be from a different era and his boss who is acting kind of strange as well. But things get worse for Ben when he realizes a man is out to get him and there are unworldly things stalking him as well. Is this all real or is Ben in a coma or is something more sinister at play here? I am not going to go into any plot plot details here so not to ruin the film for those wanting to see it. This is one of those movies where the less you know the better.

Right from the start "Convergence" seemed like an episode out of the "Twilight Zone" with the strange, explained things that were happening. I wasn't sure what was going on but there was already a huge about of suspense and the film was already drenched in mystery.

"Convergence" is an engaging and well thought out and well-written film that keeps you intrigued the entire time while it has you on the edge of your seat with exciting action scenes. Listed as an Action, Mystery, Thriller and it is every bit all three and more. I was hooked within the first five minutes of the film and I couldn't take my eyes off it the rest of the way. A thinking man's slice of cinema that has so many secrets that it begins to reveal about forty-five minutes in but it still has enough left in the tank to toss twist after twist all the way to the end.

Writer/Director, Drew Hall has created a complex and exciting film that does a lot of things and it does them all very well. It's action-filled, thrilling, suspenseful, creepy and a total head trip that sticks with you long after it is over. And then there is the cast, everyone in the film did a fantastic job including, Clayne Crawford who is amazing as Ben and Ethan Embry who is scary good as the psycho Daniel. Production wise the film looks and sounds terrific and the effects used are simple yet so effective.

"Convergence" is a film well worth seeing when it opens in select theaters on February 5 and on blu-ray, DVD and VOD February 9th. This is the kind of movie you see then you can't wait to tell others about. A diamond in the rough and one film I am happy to have seen. I encourage everyone to to go see it if you can and to buy it when it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD. Director, Drew Hall is a film maker on the verge of stardom, "Convergence" is the film that will have people taking notice.

Released by Dark Sky Films

**** Out Of *****