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Cast: Gregory Lay, Richard Short, Victor Cruz and David Neal Levin

Director: Paul Jarrett

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

Bob is an average Joe whose obsession to be famous lands him in a mental hospital. When a patient claims Bin Laden is still alive, Bob escapes with a band of misfits in a last-ditch effort to get Bin Laden and the fame he so deeply desires.

'Crazy Famous' tells the story of Bob, a guy who has always wanted to be famous. From early flashbacks it seems like his obsession began with his parents you also tried to make their son famous through just about anything ranging from acting and sports. So as an adult it just continues to manifest itself. As the film opens, we see Bob as he attempts to become famous by jumping the fence at Camp David in hopes of being on TV but that doesn't happen and it only gets him sent to a local mental facility.

While there Bob meets a few other patients with problems of the own, one thinks he is Dr. Phil, another has anger management issues and another thinks he is a secret agent who is hatching a plan to escape and take down Bin Laden even though everyone tells him Bin Laden bought it years ago. When Bob hears about the plan, he is all in, it is his chance to finally become famous.

So the four hatch their escape plan but instead of catching them a government official just wants them followed. It seems like Smith, a guy who wants to get Bin Laden just might be a secret agent after all who went over the edge.

From there we follow the men on their adventures. I wasn't really sure what to think about to film before watch it but the synopsis did have me interested. 'Crazy Famous' is definitely crazy. I am not really sure what it was trying to achieve. Was it supposed to be just an over the top comedy or something more? Either way I was engaged the entire time and was entertained all the way to the end.

The whole idea is over the top but Director, Paul Jarrett pulls it off. The film does have some action in it and they are all well done. Another thing that made the film as good as it is was the acting. Everyone in the movie did a great job but the film clearly belongs to the film's four main actors, Gregory Lay, Richard Short, Victor Cruz and David Neal Levin. All four actors bring their own characters to life.

The film's ending leaves it open for a possible sequel, I myself would not be against it but in the end I am not sure this is going to be for everyone. I do recommend it to anyone that loves Independent films, it is definitely different and that is never a bad thing. I enjoyed the film, I laughed several times throughout and I enjoyed how each character evolved a bit as the film moved along.

The film will be available on Jan. 9 release on VOD, Digital HD and DVD so be sure to check it out

Released by Gravitas Ventures

*** Out Of *****