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Cast: Amy Wehrell, Angelina Armani, Brian Kolodziej, Collin Bersen, Gerald Emerick

Director: Scott W. Mckinlay

Genre: Horror

Rating: NR

Life without a car is murder ... and nobody knows that better than Campbell Jackson, a 20-something, out-of-work, out-of-options misfit. Forced to take a dead-end job at a Detroit car wash, Campbell spies a dilapidated 70s van for sale and attempts to buy it. Little does he know, it s the Creep Van, whose mysterious owner has been terrorizing locals killing and torturing victims with a host of elaborate booby traps inside its rusted shell. For those unwilling to climb aboard, the Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks down or smashing through walls. Forced to team up with a sleazy conman to hunt down and stop the mayhem before he and his girlfriend become the next victims Campbell finds himself in for one hell of a bloody ride!

The last film from Director, Scott W. Mckinlay was back in 2006, "Gag" was a torture porn film and "Creep Van" is a very different kind of horror film from him. The story is both simple and flimsy, even the actions of two juveniles in the beginning of the film is very unrealistic but in the end none of it really mattered to me because the film was a fun ride. There's not a lot for me to add story wise that isn't written above but I can tell you the movie has plenty of humor and some excellent gore created from some fun and clever kills. It's never scary and it certainly can't be taken serious. It's a low-budget slasher film with a beat up van, it's crazed owner and the booby traps within it that make the film enjoyable.

Acting wise is something that worries most people in a film such as this but I can tell you that the entire cast did a really good job playing their roles. The two stand-out performances to me were Brian Kolodziej as Campbell and Amy Wehrell as Amy, his girlfriend. Both give very good performances and the supporting cast were all great as well. Everyone looked as if they had a great time making the film which translates back to the audience.

Fun seems to be the best word in describing "Creep Van" it's not meant to be a life changing film, it's meant to be a fun little gore fest that also makes you laugh a bit and it succeeds in delivering on it's promises. I had a good time with this film and recommend it to any fan of the genre. I normally like my horror to be just that but the humor worked well here and it blended perfecting with the gore.

The DVD comes loaded with Special Features that include:

Anatomy of a Killer Van Smash

Creep Van: Under the Hood (a look at the production of Creep Van)

Cast interviews

the Theatrical Trailer

The Original Finance Trailer

Deleted Scene

Audio Commentary with the Filmmakers

Released by Inception Media Group

*** 1/2 Out Of *****