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Cast: Dylan Walsh, Michael Gross, Bruce Altman, Carey Lowell Don Stark, Grainger Hines, Jessica Blank, Shaun Licata, Evan Hall

Director: Peter Iengo

Genre: Political Comedy

Year: 2016

Rating: R

Incumbent Senator Fallon (DYLAN WALSH) is up for reelection. He’s also up for a good time.

Posing with his wife (CAREY LOWELL) and preaching the gospel of conservative family-values may fool his constituents, but he’s literally bursting at the seams. Fallon is salivating for some sexy stolen moments with Haley (SHAUN LICATA), a cute, young campaign worker who’s hot for him too. Fortunately, Fallon’s intern, Guy Poppett (EVAN HALL), has a place that’s great for humping in between stump speeches. A hidden key allows entrance for Fallon and his anonymous paramour to slip in and out until that one time when Guy comes home just a tad early and finds Haley naked in his bed. This is his dream come true, but not when she’s waiting for her lover who just happens to be his boss.

Guy’s fictional place is on C STREET, conveniently located where the real-life notoriously secretive, questionably tax-exempt, right-wing Christian Conservative Fellowship organization’s C Street Center hosts the annual National Prayer Breakfast and houses wayward legislators in between scandals. It doesn’t get more lascivious than that. Or does it?

There’s a knock at Guy’s door. Turns out he has a scheduling problem now that he’s pimping out his apartment to other libidinous legislators to make love not war. There’s Governor Empire (BRUCE ALTMAN) plus one, the menacing Reverend Fink (GRAINGER HINES) with his self-conscious sex slave Manboy (JOSEPH CASTILLO-MIDYETT) and the all-too-kinky Governor Appalachia (MICHAEL GROSS) romping with his deaf mute lover. Guy has less time to get out the vote than he has to get new sheets on the bed.

"C Street" tells the story of Senator Fallon and his Intern, Guy. Fallon has Guy do all his leg work but there is also something else he gets from Guy, his apartment which he uses to cheat on his wife with a campaign worker which he uses to cheat on her with another worker.

Guy has a secret crush on the same campaign worker and when he walks in on Fallon and her he is devastated. At some point he must make the choice between having the power that comes with being in politics or going after the girl of his dreams even if it means bringing down his boss and other corrupt politicians on C Street.

"C Street" is a political farce but seeing how Washington operates as of late it probably isn't all that far-fetched after all. I am not going to go into any more plot details here so not to ruin the twists and surprises within the story that awaits those of you wanting to see the film but I will say that the film is a politically incorrect comedy that provides lots of laughs along the way and it even provides a little bit of romance for the ladies.

Besides our three main characters the film is full of some of the most over the top political characters ever seen on film. You have a Congressman who is always strung out on drugs, a kinky Congressman who is with a hot deaf/mute woman and to make things even more incorrect you have a perverted Reverend who has his own personal manboy. If you think this all sounds way out there then you are correct because it is but it is also very entertaining and at times laugh out loud funny.

The film is well written and the actors really let loose to play these zany characters including, Dylan Walsh as Senator Fallon, Evan Hall as Guy and Michael Gross as one of the sex addicted politicians. And that is only naming a few because there are great performances throughout the film.

The film's trailer didn't get me over excited but to my surprise the film itself was much better than I expected it to be. I not only laughed that all the crazy characters but I also laughed at their behavior and the things they had to say. "C Street" will be available on VOD Friday, August 19th, if you like a good comedy that doesn't take itself seriously then I highly recommend checking out this politically charged laugh fest.

Released by Indelible

*** 3/4 Out Of *****