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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Kyle Schmid, Goran Visnjic, Lucas Till, Sonja Kinski

Director: Rudolph Buitendach

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: R

Colson (Kyle Schmid) is a downtown artist who is trying to make a living from his paintings. His brother Sam (Lucas Till) arrives in town to spend time with him and get away from the trouble back home. The brothers first night is spent at an underground nightclub where they meet sexy and alluring singer Fran (Sonja Kinski). A fierce romance erupts between Colson and Fran but despite their passion, nothing can prepare them for the betrayal, obsession and destruction that this union will unleash.

"Dark Hearts" tells the story of Colson, a struggling young artist. When his brother Sam comes to town to be with him he takes him along to ones of his gigs. After arriving he immediately becomes in infatuated with Fran, a singer. They two seem to hit it off right from the start and Fran seems to be his muse and inspiration he needs to get his painting going but there are other things at play. Fran's manager is one, he is a very obsessive and violet man that does not like Fran being with other men. And then there is Colson himself who begins to spiral out of control due to his obsession with Fran and his use of real blood in his painting.

To talk too much about the plot of "Dark Hearts" here would only do it an injustice because this is one film that really needs to be seen by as many people as possible. It has an original and clever story that is packed full of emotion. This often erotic thriller has it all including seduction, madness and killing, all of these will keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart racing as you wait to find out how all this is going to end.

There is so much to love here including the incredible cast, the amazing cinematography and the awesome soundtrack that fits each and every scene perfectly. Speaking of the cast, Kyle Schmid is beyond brilliant as Colson and Lucas Till is fantastic is the more timid, level headed younger brother. And I must not forget Sonja Kinski who lights up the screen with her beauty and acting talents. I also must say that the entire supporting cast did a great job as well.

You wonder how a film this good could go unnoticed for so long. It did well at screenings a year or so ago but other than that no one is going to know the film by name but that is about to change thanks to Vertical Entertainment who is releasing the film to DVD on April 29th. "Dark Hearts" is an awesome piece of story telling and film making made even better by outstanding acting. I just loved this awesome drama/thriller and recommend it to everyone. This is sure to find a large audience on home video due to strong word of mouth so whatever you do make sure you check this film out.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Vertical Entertainment

***** Out Of *****